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November 26, 2007


Bill Gassett

Great pictures - Made me laugh :)


They call me a HUMMER too, but for a different reason.


I agree with the not all americans are idiots thing. Not all of them are.

But a country that begets people capable of making a proud display of that bump sticker is clearly sick.



Please revisit rule number 1 before you state "Americans are such assholes."


Homosexuals in positions of power = republican party


chiffOnade "I agree with the not all americans are idiots thing. Not all of them are. But a country that begets people capable of making a proud display of that bump sticker is clearly sick."

Uh, yeah... Gott mit uns and all that shit, right? Name a single country that doesn't have something equivalent. Please. No, I'll wait....


all you assholes seem to have missed the emoticon attached to stephes comment. but you probably thought he/she was talking about you so you got enraged and missed it.

TI must be talking of sparta- you know, the greek city state that helped saved western civilization back in the day. no surprise hes ignorant regarding history as well.


Guys, am I psychotic? Or is it okay for me to really want to leave hazelwoodfarm bleeding in a dumpster?

"God has a plan for queers. It's called AIDS."

Sheer ignorant Christian bullshit.
And "He" probably has a plan for you. It's called extermination.
I hope you fucking die.


All you gay bashers out there need to chill the fuck out. Of all the many things to hate out there, hating something like homosexuality is a waste of time.
Catholic priests on the other hand...


...I live in America. How embarrassing.


Sephe's got a point. Most Americans haven't visited other parts of the world where people are genuinely friendly and get by with very little. Most Americans need to see the world to see how truly lucky they are rather than make ignorant comments like the one from hazelwoodfarm. There's a lot to learn from the history of other countries (i.e. Italy). And I hate history but we come no where close to what other countries have been through. I am a proud American but we are very spoiled and idiots like Hummer Boy just exploit their own insecurities. But, for each his own. It's their prerogative to do how what they want....be proud of your country but not arrogant.

Timmy B

You people who think "god" has a plan....ummm, when does it start? Everything looks pretty haphazard to me! I've lost straight friends and gay friends to aids. It all hurts just the same. Assholes!

jon basser

to the homophobes on here: there is a scientific study that showed homophobes to have significant and above average homosexual tendencies!

it makes sweet sense and is totally true.

so next time think about it before you project your hatred onto other people - because all you do is show yourself up as a repressed homosexual (and an asshole of course - but you knew that already)

link to the study:

Eddie Starr

It just comes to show that not all people are nice.

A Word To The Wise


Before you're tempted to post a flame, you should note that the name of the author of a comment here appears BELOW the comment. Not above. The "assholes" comment was by r4ge, not sephe, and the "AIDS" comment was by JimmyX.


"Well, at least we still have the argument: We haven't produced anyone who has killed between 8 and 20 million people for shits and giggles."

Umm, don't speak to soon.
Bush's "shits and giggles" involvement in Iraq has cost the lives of over a million Iraqis, many of them children.


True, but it's kind of ridiculous to blame it on Bush. Iraqis were already dying in massive numbers.
But I agree that it's time to stop.

Think People!!!

Everytime you masturbate you essentially perpetrate a homosexual act.

You bunch of morons!


I once went to Hazelwood Farms. That man had sex with my anus, and he liked it. I liked it too, but he became impotent too soon. It might have been the gnobbling cock rot he had on his 1 inch penis, it looked sore, like road rash.

Excess Neighbor


actually, i know where the excess hummer owner lives ... i've seen that parked near my neighborhood.


Ha, the first one ("Homo sex is a threat to national security") is from, or the same people that were at, my school (Georgia Tech). There were crowds that would sit just to listen to them talk and make ridiculous claims that made no sense. I listened, it was funny. Couple fights almost broke out between the students and those idiot people, too.


i am an american and i am ashamed of what bush is doing. he's killing a lot of innocent people for oil. i hate him

plus, there are exhibits of gayness in the animal world all the time. maybe you should start paying attention to the obvious world around you.

Joel (No Pundit Intended)

These 9 examples certainly represent your case well. I am willing to bet you could come up with 9 more.


I wasn't expecting the comment section to contend with the photos. By the way (again), the comment about Americans was by r4ge, not sephe.

your daddy

Every asshole that gets a chance tries to relate some stupid shit to Bush.....bitter mother fuckers.

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