December 13, 2007

OVERKILL [oh-ver-kil] a Pictorial Definition defines overkill as "an excess of what is required or suitable, as because of zeal or misjudgment." We prefer a more visual definition, though.

To that end, overkill is...

1. Threatening to kill anyone who hits a dog YOU let run into the street.

(Photo by Sammo371).

2. Having eight doorbells when it appears no one's visiting anyway.

(Photo by

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December 12, 2007

"We're on a Mission from God...[the Rest of You Will Burn in Hell]"

All religions have those select few who, let's say, lack a sense of moderation. For example:

1. Good for one or two children's nightmares.

(Photo by Itatton).

2. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

(Photo by Afroswede).

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December 07, 2007

11 Toilets from Hell

1. His and her bathrobes? Sure. His and her bowel movements? Pass.


2. When nature calls it's not always according to 'schedule'.


(Photo by Brenda Anderson).

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December 05, 2007

10 Bathroom Placards for the Uncommonly Stupid

1. I accept!


(Photo by Kirsten Kirkpatrick).

2. Translation? "You! Out of the gene pool!"


(Photo by Henning Schürig).

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December 03, 2007

[Who] Do You Get When You Cross...?

It's hard to forget Seth Brundle's transformation in the movie The Fly. Cross a fly with a human and sim sim salabim Brundlefly. We've taken the idea a moronic step further, to wit:

1. Who do you get when you cross Seinfeld's Lt. Bookman, Bob Marley and Marilu Henner?


God help us.


(Photo by Omsel A).

2. Elton John, Amy Winehouse and Michael Kinsley?


It's showtime!


(Photo by Sea Turtle).

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December 01, 2007

You've Probably Crossed the Mason-Dixon Line When...

1. Who says you need snow or water to ski!


(Photo by Katie Weilbacher).

2. Grandpa is armed and dangerous.


(Photo by Tread).

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November 29, 2007

Thanks for the Tip


We're not sure who's dumber: the person who needs the hint or the dope who thinks such guidance is necessary.


November 28, 2007

7 Places You Hope You Never See a...Sphincter?

You hope you never see a sphincter...

1. Anywhere you'd eat.


That didn't deter, however, artist Atelier Van Lieshout from creating the the Bar Rectum, which "takes its shape from the human digestive system: starting with the tongue, continuing to the stomach, moving through the small and the large intestines and exiting through the anus...The anus itself is part of a large door that doubles as an emergency exit."


2. Anywhere you keep your lipstick.


The larger image is even more unsettling.

(Photograph taken by The Kozy Shack).

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November 27, 2007

He's Got Eyes in the Back of His Head...Literally


Hard to tell whether this guy's coming or going.

(Photo courtesy of PJ Chmiel of

November 26, 2007

9 Telltale Signs You're Probably an Asshole

1. You wildly overstate your case.


2. You act as if the rules don't apply to you.


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November 25, 2007

"Brother, [If I Make You Laugh] Can You Spare a Dime?”

Though homelessness is no laughing matter, consider comedian Chris Rock's spoken-word song No Sex (In the Champagne Room):

"If a homeless person has a funny sign,
He hasn't been homeless that long.
A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny."

To wit:

1. Cut the guy some slack, you know what he means.


2. This guy's brave, that's all we can say.


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November 23, 2007

A Low-Cost, Effective Response to a Hateful Ignoramus


The simple solution is oftentimes the most effective.

November 22, 2007

No Wonder Some Animals Eat Their Own Young

Raising kids, though difficult, is incredibly rewarding. Difficult how, you ask? Let us show you the ways.

1. Today must must have been Dad's day to babysit.


2. Let's hope he doesn't use the bathtub as a toilet.


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November 20, 2007

Flunked (cont'd)



"What a Difference a [State] Makes..."

Nice a$s in California:


Nice a$s in Mississippi:


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November 17, 2007

Mix 'n Match

What do you get when you cross Barbara Eden, RuPaul and Patrick Stewart?


An effing mess, that's what.


Hillbilly Roach Coach


The mounted antlers and SQURIL and RABIT menu items really seal the deal. For a closer view, click here.

November 16, 2007

[Please Don't] Send in the Clowns: 11 Clowns You Hope Never Work Your Child's Birthday Party

1. "This is my part-time gig, just until the Dead get back together. By the way, any of you kids got a J?"


2. "Hi. I'm Giggles, and I'm an alcoholic."


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"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out."


God, please, shoot both of my eyes out.

November 15, 2007

Dorothy, You're Not in Kansas Anymore

"Auntie Em?"


"We represent the Lollipop Kids..."


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