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October 28, 2007



lol, I love it

Ryan Stoker

I have both the rap snacks and the pork brains in a box in my closet!

Rehoboth Beach Realtor

The Kostelecké Uzeniny can is utterly disgusting and the pork brains made me lose my appetite. That's what I get for reading "12 Products from Hell" before dinner.


A million dollar prize to anyone who has the "Mr. Brains Pork Faggots"


You can buy pork faggots in CoOp in the UK. Here's a review of them!



The sell Mr Brains Pork Faggots at morrisons in England, i noticed them a few days ago and Lol'd

Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick is quite tasty. It was named that long before you got your unfortunate condition :)


I'd like to know what spotted dick is but I am afraid to google it...


Spotted Dick is a traditional English pudding (dessert for you yanks). Entertaining name, yes, but less hellish than "fanny packs".

The World's Smartest Man

Spotted dick is great. Really.

Douche McGee

Touche John. Fanny packs, that was the biggest mistake ever.


I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !


I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !


Missed was the Cock Flavoured Soup, check it out here: http://www.johnwise.com/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=BLEN_06013015173268_4PC2E


The fake breasts is cool because they give you a a odd number. Uni-breast fun!


Spotted dick isn't that bad, although those faggots looked pretty unappetising...

Oh yeah, and that facial flex thing is even weirder in action (for those sceptics who think these are fake!).


Hugh E Torrance

Kraft cheesy pasta formerly Kraft cheese dinner should be included in the above...on sale in Summerfields for the brave...


Mr Brain's Portk Faggots are actually incredibly nice. They are a very popular dish in the UK amongst older people. All they are is ofal reconstituted into, well, balls. I have a few boxes of them in my freezer!


11 products from hell + spotted dick. Yum.


Spotted Dick is just the best on a cold day served with warm vanilla custard.

(Its basically a steamed sponge pudding with raisens in it.)

If you get the chance try it!


Funny - but also sad a bit... The logo of the "Kostelecke uzeniny" (Kostelec Sausages) is almost hundred years old - see http://www.kosteleckeuzeniny.cz - it's originated in a golden age of the gentlemanship and I'm pretty sure at those times nobody was disgusted with it at all. The only emotion sent by the picture used to be "Yum!". I'm affraid not the logo, but the people went wrong since 1917...

YES, of course it's funny and unappetizing, I meet this logo often. But, it's the heritage, too. And btw, these sausages are really yummy. ;)))


Hey, I've used those super big boy condoms! They are black.


Faggots are actually really tasty.

My mum got us some when I was younger, but due to the packaging, I completely refused to eat them because I thought they were made of *actual* brains.

Anyway... she made me stay at the table until I had at least tasted one and it was nice - tastes really meaty!

I've been eating them ever since.


Hey I have brains Faggots in my freezer they are the greatest, infact we are having faggots for tea tonight my kids love them! faggots peas roast spuds and carrots yummy.

Josiah Pugh


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