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October 05, 2007



ha! i did a specific google search for this because my boyfriend and i saw this driving through alabama. unfortunately, i didn't have a camera, and it was tattooed to my memory. thank you


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This is great. I have been by here many many times and laugh every time. We tried to take a picture, but ours failed. I decided to search for the photo, and of course the internet did not fail me. Thanks!!
BTW, my sister will be very happy to see that there is a photo on the internet :)


Ive seen that hundreds of times going to and from the beach (I live fairly close to it) and I never saw it as funny until now. I always just figured it to be some crazy christian redneck church sign, but now I'm laughing.


I thought this was a lot more offensive before I read up on some background information about the sign. The man who put it up passed away in September 09 at 87. I grew up in an educated area of Alabama but my mother is from a very rural area, so I have been exposed to the "bible belt." Whenever I saw the sign growing up I thought it was incredibly aggressive, but after listening to an interview from this old man it's actually really funny. Here is the interview that was on National Public Radio in 2005:

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