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October 16, 2007



Why make a person feel worse about their size?

Then why wear a speedo/bikini bottom then?


I believe Jason was referring to the first picture, not the last, anon.


Why can't people just put down the fork?


I have seen that photo of the woman on the bench and have even used it on my blog once, but people were pretty put off by it.

It's hard to put down the fork, but not impossible. I just put some progress photos up on my blog, I have gone from 277 to 175 lbs with still more to go.

People will say, "Please GOD I will do anything to lose weight --- except diet and exercise!" And that's what it has taken for me. But along the way there have been payoffs that have been amazing.



Trust me, she doesn't "feel bad" about her size. If she did she'd do something besides let her BELLY hang out from under her dress.
There is overweight, then there is circus fat. If she cut out 1000 calories a day and drank only water, coffee or tea she'd lose weight just sitting on the couch.


Some people are oblivious to the world that goes on outside of their own personal experience. There was a brilliant professor at my mom's university who was both fired and kicked out of his apartment in less than a year for being a ridiculous alcoholic. Wine bottles, vomit and even human feces all over the place. But, the man was a super-genius. It was kind of like the Coors Light House (do a Google search), but with wine instead of Coors Light.

Asking "why can't people just put down the fork?" is like asking why someone who's headed for homelessness or death doesn't just put down the bottle or crackpipe. Or why some rather average people are physically fit and well-adjusted while very smart people can't seem to make themselves happy.

There's a lot to the human experience you can relate to by simply being compassionate, even if this particular problem has never ailed you. Or, you can be a little dickhead contributing to general unhappiness in society which helps cause these sorts of addictive behavior problems.


Tina~~~~ What a great comment you made!!


...at odds with the whole peace sign thing...

That is NOT a peace sign. It is a Mercedes logo!


Dickhead contributing to general unhappiness in society FTW! Fat bitch is fat. STFU newfags.


one day we will all be dead and it won't make any difference what some one else's body looks like. why is it any of your business? and i'll bet not one of you is perfect...

Scott Cyr

"Or, you can be a little dickhead contributing to general unhappiness in society"

-Tina, I think you also are a
'little dickhead contributing to general unhappiness in society'. I really thought you were going to take the moral high-road until the last sentence of your comment. Oh, and you're probably also a fatty.

Irreverant Musings

At the end of the game, the king and the pawn are put in the same box.


Why has no one mentioned the freaking hilarious robot soliciting free robot sex?! Haha, so funny! Let's focus on the positive people :)


Tina, you're really going to compare food to known addictive substances? It's a hell of a lot harder to stop drinking than it is to cut back on how much you eat, and really there is no comparison when it come to hardcore drugs like you seem too imply. Face it, if she wanted to lose weight she could. If shes not secure enough with herself to take a joke than it's her own fault.


The lady with the big "stomach" could actually be suffering from a massive, painful hernia in the region of her stomach plus have a major problem with ascites (fluid buildup inside of her abdomen) - instead of just being "fat" and "letting her stomach hang out of her dress".

When judging people at least don't always go for the most obvious choice.


lol.check it out!


Lucy, do you have experience with this? I would be blown away if you have a weight problem. I would know. I qualify as morbidly obese, although with my structure I'm more like just barely into obese territory. The problem with food is that it is not an addiction that you get by consuming a euphoric substance that you would not normally put in your body, like coke or heroin. Our bodies can't live without it, it does indeed give us pleasure similar to (but not quite as intense) as drugs, and we are genetically programmed to pack it in in times of plenty. In modern society this can lead to big problems real fast. it doesn't help when people feel depressed because of the way they themselves, and society in general, see and treat them when they are overweight. That's when people turn to food to feel good for a little while, and in some cases causes so deep a depression that people are convinced there's no way they'll ever be able to dig themselves out. Some people hit a point and say enough's enough and turn their lives around.


"...you can be a little dickhead contributing to general unhappiness in society..."

Tina, you are an idiot. And not just the drooling, lobotomized type. You are far worse, and much more dangerous.

YOU are what's contributing to what's wrong with society today---namely, the people who think that no one should take responsibility for their own actions; that all people are simply victims of circumstance. F***ing bleeding heart liberal.




You're right ostap, I don't have weight problem. At least not any more. I used to be around 250 lbs, on a 5'10" frame. And yes, people did make fun of me, but after a while I realized that I had two choices:
A) I could start to eat right, exercise and try to lose the weight
B) Accept myself as I was and be able to laugh about myself

I chose to lose the weight and over the course of several months brought my weight down to 180. Plain and simple being over weight is 9 times out of 10 a persons choice. If they can't laugh about themselves then they should lose the weight.


I wonder if the robot got lucky


only a fatty would stick up for another fatty.


i understand the controversy over accountability and weight. what i don't understand is the visciousness of the discussion. you hate fat people THAT much? wow. what a waste of passion.


I agree that Tina is the one with problem here...This is the major problem with our society is that people are constantly blaming their problems on everyone else.

I am a few pounds heavier than I would like to be, but I cannot remember once blaming my weight on ANYTHING, other than my myself. After all, the last time I checked, I CONTROL WHAT I EAT AND HOW MUCH I EXERCISE. People seriously need to get off this kick of entitlemt and blaming everyone else for their problems.

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