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October 24, 2007



ive seen boogertown rd. before, also, justamerefarm rd. im serious


My grandma lives near Kitchen-Dick Road! We've been making jokes for years about it. Also, up near Chewelah, WA, there's Farm-to-Market Rd. I always wondered at the lack of creativity. And then from Cheney, WA, there's Cheney-Spokane, Cheney-Plaza, and Cheney-Spangle Rds, and down the highway is Medical Lake-Four Lakes Rd. The founders of that area were very literal people!

What we have learned here is...

... americans are stupid.


Not far from where I grew up in Franklin County, Virginia, there is a community called "Peckerwood Level" - The kicker is, there is a large greenhouse/nursery there called "Morning Wood Nursery". You can't make this shit up.


Leroy again - responding to Cheryl's thoughtful post. We may be stupid, but you are an ugly fat cunt. Advice? You can't work off the ugly, but skinny is around 200 miles to the east - get to work.


There's a street in Marana, Arizona called "Wong Way"... and one in Tucson called "Calle Sin Nombre" ("the street with no name")


Lighten up mate, Cheryl is just feeling a bit inadequate, that's all, nothing serious.
It goes away when puberty is replaced by maturity. Usually.


Lighten up mate, Cheryl is just feeling a bit inadequate, that's all, nothing serious.
It goes away when puberty is replaced by maturity. Usually.


Come on Cheryl, they aren't stupid, just immature. After all only a person with the mental capacity of a five year old would go to the trouble of photographing a roadsign to peepee falls and then take even more effort to actually post it on a web site because it made them snigger!


My mother-in-law lives on Sodom Road. I suggested they ask for number 666, but she was not amused.
(It's in northern PA)


I used to live on 911, Ashes road. Not all that funny now, but none the less an odd street number/road name combo.


I just stumbled upon this and got really excited when I saw Shades of Death Rd. I live about a 20 minute to half hour drive from there.

w00t Jersey represent!


...leroy you suck super donkey dick, you bitch ass american prick!


there is a "hell for certain Rd." down in kentucky


There's an entire town in Pennsylvania called Blue Ball. Coincidentally, it's pretty close to Intercourse, PA. No joke.


Woa Leroy it wasn't Cheryl that wrote that about Americans being stupid it was someone who putin what we have learned here is.....Of course they were to chicken shit top put their name. So whoever they are they are the ones who are stupid.


We have a "Lick Creek Road" in Arkansas

We have a Brown Rd., and a Butt Rd. here which intersect. We can tell someone to head straight up Butt, but if you hit Brown, you know you've gone too far!!!


I found the signs interesting. We have a town in Arkansas called PeeDee and another one called Snowball.


Better carry an umbrella when walking down peepee falls street.



i know this place called "ho plaza"


Kitchen-Dick road is in Sequim, WA. I'm disappointed that it wasn't mentioned that it intersects with Woodcock. Lame.


butt hole road and cock hill lane are most definitely not american road signs. luv


This is funny. This has nothing to do with nationality. Stop being so ridiculous!

Keep your pride to yourself.


to all who say americans are stupid. yes there are a lot of stupid americans. Every country has stupid people. America has a lot more than most, maybe because it's bigger, or maybe because our educational system feeds to the unintelligent. regardless, please know that not all americans are stupid. there are a lot of smart people here that are trying to make the world a better place. do not judge someone based on their country, judge them based on the person that they are, when u judge while ignorant are u better than the person u are judging? no, and to be honest, peepee falls? cmon....

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