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November 26, 2007


Brandon Martinez

I love the license plate on the back of the hummer :)


Tee Hee Hee, true, oh so true...I know some of these people.


Americans are such assholes. :P


roflmao, hilarious!


"Americans are such assholes. :P"

Yeah, because Europe is such a friendly place.


Rodney Serrie

The 8th one is fucking weird. I hate religious talk of being damned or being a sinner all this God still loves us talk is crazy


Sephe: Here's where we differ a bit; I don't hate the American Assholes, I hate all Assholes, including you.
My parents taught me to love everyone equally, and in retrospect, to hate everyone equally as well. So Fuck you I hate you Asshole!

Neill C.

Well, at least we still have the argument "We haven't produced anyone who has killed between 8 and 20 million people for shits and giggles".


You could add Sephe's comment to number 10.


"Americans are such assholes. :P"

Hater tots!


Haha.. the license plate on the hummer says "Excess"


Oops, that was r4ge's comment, not sage's.

Daniel Diaz

this truly is amazing work here.......but it is all true!


Why don't you give credit for wherever/whomever you took these photos from, asshole? Even if they are CC licensed, you often still have to attribute.

#4 apple user, evil


Hey...with the exception of those homophobic religious nuts, I agree with most of these people.


The homo one is spot on, they are sexual perverts and should not be tolerated nor encouraged in any society. Even the lowest of the creatures in the animal world do not engage in those unatural practices.

God has a plan for queers, it's called A.I.D.S


The tenth would be having a title of 9 items but a url stating 8


JimmyX - please suggest a mammal species that does not exhibit homosexuality.


Meanwhile, AIDS is killing off straights all over the world, so pull your head our of your virgin ass and think about to make the world a better place instead of trying to create more bigots.


hahaha, i think it so funny ;)


These people are all assholes, but this list is still fucking stupid.


If I was the guy with the Hummer I'd add the bumber sticker in 5, and keep the dog from 6 in the trunk and park it on the truck in 2 and employ the grunt in 3 to look after it while I punched the kid in 7 and forced the homo in 1 to buy everyone a ticket to the cinema in 8. I wouldn't worry about the shop in 4 cos that belongs to mi mate Dave.


hazelwoodfarm, i'm pretty sure your wrong about the part of the animal world not having homo sex...many times walking through a park you will see two males humping, gerbils do it too


To the guy that said all Americans are assholes, we are not. Fuck off! ;)


"....make the world a better place...."

For whom? Homosexuals?

Why would I want to make the world a better place for sexual perverts and their unnatural practices? Political correctness has allowed them to thrive and attain positions of power and influence where they can further their agenda.

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