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November 14, 2007



is the flower scratch & sniff?


I disagree, I think reverencing a cat anus is revolutionary. I'm tired of products hiding the horrible. Face it, the product is designed for and around cat shit, which comes out of cats anuses.




I also disagree. It's clever and sugar coats something without sugar coating it too much.


Also disagree, this might be one of the *best* product packagings I have seen.

A bad product package is one that sends the "wrong" message or an unclear message to the intended consumer. This package communicates what the intended purpose is and the benefits of the particular product in a very effective manner.


I love it. Its funny and it makes sense.


What's wrong with an orange cat with flower tattooed on its shoulder.


Seems like it's suggesting beastility. Um... yeah. :\


agreed is *great* packaging


It's no that bad. I'll buy it :P


looks like a hippy had some great marketing idea based on the flower tatoo. clever.


A graphic that instantly makes you know what the product is intended for without being blunt or obvious about it. Works for me...


I like it, makes the cat's shit seem like something you'd put in a pot and grow, and that's something I'd definitely do!


I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

James Kurtz

It's odd because as I view the page there is an advertisement displaying an attractive woman wearing a t-shirt with the word Beaver sprawled across the chest. Which is more offensive? My opinion: neither. Hooray for anuses and beavers!


Good lord, anybody that thinks this is offensive is an oversensitive fool. You've let your ludicrous religious morals and political correctness overwhelm your sense of self. In short, if you can't laugh at this, you should shoot yourself in the face as soon as possible.

I hope the marketing company that came up with this logo had this plan in mind:
1) Design humorous packaging
2) Wait for morons to become offended and make a big scene
3) Watch as the big scene generates more PR for the product
4) Profit.

Best packaging ever, you fell right into their trap. Congratulations.


That package is the cat's ass....


I dont think that package is all that bad.


that's amazing.


I agree with 2oonhed..although this seems a little rash or horrifying to some, consumers or rather purchasers of the product know what the product is anyway. The only thing is that you want to be tasteful with it, no anthropomorphic fecal matter on the package.


I have 4 cats, and must admit, none of them have flowers for asses.

Real cats have Cheerio asses, so I suggest a partnership with General Mills and maybe some cross market advertising!

Cheerios, taste like cats ass!


I wish it was advertising that this product would make my cat poop flowers


It's a catasstrophe.


I think it's brilliant. We are not dealing with little Tootsie Rolls here, it's cat shit.


Haven't you ever seen a cat with a flower growing out of it's ass. They're telling you your cats ass is good enough to sniff once you use there product. I'd try it!

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