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November 09, 2007






whats even more disturbing is that i think i see the virgin mary in his belly button


Some of you need to lighten up. So what if it's real. It is funny! And don't give me that,"What will he do when he is old?" line either. Who gives a shit. Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you. I have plenty of tatoos and regret none of them....then again none of mine are of a cats asshole ! But seriously...lighten up.

Will W

Great stuff! I have 2 goats f**king on my arm and I have an IQ of 153, explain that!


Maybe that's for his boyfriend and not girlfriend ...


...uhmmm....YUK! 'Nuff said.


I'd hit that


Looks just like the virgin mary... quick, sell it!


Oh god...it does look like the virgin mary!


that is one nasty pussy


marvelous. simply marvelous. im now going to throw up whilst still marvelling at the stupidity of the human race.


tis art one way or another
how ever just think of the bigger picture he will need to cover over such a specticle what could possibly be used to cover it john howard or president bush either way it will still reflect a pussy and a total ass hole


Man that is one horrible tattoo, I hope thats not real. I mean how could you be taken seriously at all with that!

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