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November 05, 2007


Temporary Death

hmm I really liked the clement one.


Thats so depressing...


Depressing is the fact that most of these pictures were photoshopped. :-(


why do idiots always call photoshop, learn to spot that shit before saying anything idiot



So many people around, some of them are just special.


foo, most are shopped....idiot

Richard Bronosky

I was hiking in the woods and stumbled upon this freaky headstone.



it's photoshopped and also kind of lame. I have seen funnier real headstones.


In reference to who #9 was. He was a gunfighter in Texas and fough during the Civil War. Apparently killed enough to be remembered as a gunfighter. Guess his tombstone fits.


I guess writing one's own epitath is kind of the pre-emptive strike of granitic embellishment.

The "I told you I was sick" (or in fact "I told you I was ill")has been a joke of British comedian Spike Milligan since the 1960's. Sadly no-one put it on his tombstone !


On #1
1) GREEN - First of all, the comment from the first is from just a 16 year old... (1985-2001)
- he was telling the truth -
The PRESIDENT of USA was BUSH in 2001, then Mr Green is RIGHT... He definitely lived around DUMB PEOPLE , that elected BUSH!!!...




seems that several people have used the "I told you I was sick" epitaph. this one is from a cemetary in key west



Um, yeah, "she hath done what she could" is actually a bible quotation, so it's not as bad as it seems, I guess.


I think the main reasons for the contradictions were because Tom Jefferson took into account arguments of both the farmers and the merchants. An example of this was when in one sentence Jefferson calls the slaves both equal and inferior. He also talks about how beautiful they are, but were also “made” for slavery. With this and the rest of the document I believe that Tom Jefferson was against slavery, but didn’t want the problems with the South if he abolished it.


how about the hidden message in this one: http://www.elyxr.com/cherrybox/headstone1.JPG


Nice little collection, even if I'm not shopping for one ATM.

Groucho Marx wanted "Excuse me, I can't stand up", but settled for the boring "Groucho Marx 1890-1977".

To Kevin:

Spike Milligan did get "Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite." on his stone, which is Irish for "I told you I was ill."


funny stuff!!! hahaha


Robert "Clay" Allison was a Civil War vet. and a gunfighter in the Old West. He was an Arnold of his day, although I dunno if he could impale a man with a steam pipe

Stella Polaris

Mr Green wasn't older than 16, so I doubt he was that big of an asshole that he/someone wanted it on his gravestone. I'd say it's an inside joke, or something.

5. cracked me up. I know it's horrible, but I can't help it.

6. I love.

10. "I thought an epitaph was supposed to honor the deceased?" What's wrong with this one, dead? Doesn't it say "She did what she could?" I think it's a very good epitath.

14. I also like.

Common sense

To the moron that wanted 'proof' that it was photoshopped, look at ANY of the ones that were dated early (1800's is a prime example) now look at how ALL the letters are the same...exactly the same. Since I'm pretty sure they didn't have laser inscription back then photoshop is the logical conclusion


#4 is in Salt Lake City. She was the victim of a failed exorcism... True story.


There is a book called "The Final Word" by Nancy Millar that covers all the non-standard epitaphs. You can get it from Amazon!


@Stella Polaris

Just because people today can neither write legibly nor spell correctly does not mean they were photoshoped. Only two are 20th century, and the one with the dung fork, who today is going to make up "dung fork" (A pitchfork mucking ungulate poop out of stalls.)

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