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November 05, 2007



Kay Shineflug's tombstone says "excuse me" because her name sounds like a sneeze, sillay!


Font is still not a good indicator of a photo of a grave being photo shopped. My friend's family recently had new headstones made for old family graves...it was her grandmothers final wish to honor her own deceased grandparents by replacing the cracked stones. These are still very old graves with dates from the civil war time period with brand new stones. My father told me that folks did that a lot in the 1950s...updated old, damaged gravestones.


robert allison was a notorious gunman




Hey APUS, here is the story behind that one.


My absolute favorite headstone! :D


This is not photoshopped


To Kevin, Spike Milligan has got it on his headstone, in Gaelic

bus plunge



I photoshop and can't tell...what do you see that I don't?


I have been depreessed all week and this made me laugh. Who CARES if they're photoshopped? Why is someone always pissing on peoples parades? LOL


I missed this one:



For what it's worth, I'm a funeral director and I make monuments. #3 and #15 are both mine, and I can assure you they're not photoshopped.


They're not Photo Shopped. You guys are stupid. That's disrespect to the dead.

A little late but....

Some people need to be schooled:


Terry Wagar

Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar, A,K,A, Doubleclick and Mrs Dash,( yes those are there nicknames they gave each other.) admitted to poisoning me while I was a plasma donor back in 2005.
Eric Carlson pedofied me behind prison walls and then framed me as a pedophile on march 26th 2007, I caught the crime on a audio recorder I put in Joan's purse.
there were people in authority helping them with this and nobody in authority will help they pretend nothing happened and refuse to investigate this.
Eric Carlson changed his hair color and his name but this is not hidden, only ignored by the authority's and media
I'm disabled from being poisoned and the hospitals refuse to admit I'm poisoned.
My Family is in danger from these people and I have no other recorse but to make these charges public.
My name is Terry Wagar,Im from Portland Oregon and I'm backing up these charges.
I have been threatened with harassment charges by a Sargent Walker, She is a portland police officer stationed at the OHSU hospital, for the non crime of reporting a multi murder conspiracy within that hospital.
They dont give a s4!t Joan and Eric was poisoning a plasma donor!
Why don't you give A s4!t Portland Authority's, its already reported.



I sure get sick of idiots claiming everything is photoshopped. I have been working with photoshop for decades and these are not photoshopped and either is most of the other stuff. There is nothing that shows that anything is photoshopped. These are all old grave markers. I wish people would just stop saying that everything is pshopped.

Rev Bryan White

Good Day,
Please accept my apology if i have reach the wrong company,My name is Rev Bryan and i contact to know if you do sell Head Stone please if you do sell kindly email me back with the types that you have so that i can choose my prefer also kindly advise me with the payment you accept so that we can proceed to the order as soon as possible. waiting to hear from you again.

Rev Bryan


I have never seen headstones to make me go UMMM, but l can UMM now


Common sense
Just because the letters are the same doesn't mean they needed a laser printer. Some people can actually print and write legibly. Stone carvers were very precise in their workmanship...it is an art.


I love headstones. They knock my socks off. -Christina Pierce R.I.P.

Alden Allison

I need to find out where that tombstone for Robert Clay Allison is. He might be relation that I have been unable to find any records of.


To many people use I told you I was sick. The only time I've ever seen that and it was funny was the B.P. Roberts grave in Key West.

Terry Adams

I would like to buy number 4 please. Have it delivered Fed Ex too please.


So fun these headstone!

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