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November 17, 2007


peter guszti

I love that Hillbilly pic, I have a similar funny joke, on www.orangekite.com


You're a moron if you believe this is real.


The worst part is actually the cat part on the menu.



The most disturbing part is the cat on the menu.



I love that there are people whos whole lives seem to consist of trolling the internet looking for sites with pictures posted to call untrue or claim are photoshopped. Get a hobby.

Even if the driver of the vehicle did this on purpose, it is still a funny picture... its a funny picture, regardless of the backstory.


I agree with Lol. Too many people always claim something had to be "photoshopped" if it's at all weird. I don't think the picture is a stretch at all considering the nature of hillbillys. If fact, the Bible is the innerrant Word of God, the Universe is 6000 years old and evolution is a myth! Why? Because God used Photoshop version Infinity to make everything appear older as a test of our faith. ;-)


The best part is that there is a missing menu item under "Squril". As far as I can tell, it seems to be "Gopher" painted over. Was the 2 dollar gopher special so popular that he ran out and had to take it off the menu?



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