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November 12, 2007



i would like to add these dummys to the list...

trust me, they are just as bad


Aren't we all assholes?


Not Slacker

@ Slacker:


Not Slacker

@ Slacker:



Bold... I like it.


lol, funny stuff


I actually live in the same town as the guy who owns the truck in #6. If you look really closely, you can see that it says "YOU eating meat makes it so!" in the little grey box in the lower right. So he has good intentions, even if the fact that it's really hard to get and the fact that he occasionally walks around my town with fox pelt hanging from a trap in order to scare people does make him an asshole.


What role do the "Pappa's " play in creating these 'A..holes???!!'

Solar Coupons

Like using gasoline for aftershave. Great post!


It's people like them that give real Christians such a bad rap man. First of all God's love IS unconditional, and second Jesus makes it very clear that we are not to judge anyone, EVER. He said the most important thing is to love one another. Period. Just love . . .help each other out, REGARDLESS of whether we agree with their lifestyle or not. And as for that Roman Catholic Nun . . . my word, talk about cult-ish . . . we must be reading a TOTALLY different bible, LOL! And don't even get me started on Jerry Falwell, man I would have liked to have seen Jerry's face when he found out that his pompous selfrighteous a$$ got it all wrong . . . okay, I feel better now, thanks for listening.

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