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November 22, 2007


Ewww Kids

Kids are disgusting. They're perpetually sticky, you can wash their hands, but 1 second later they'll manage to have some sort of mix of jelly or glue on their hands.

Kids disgust me.


LOL LOL tooo Funny


and you were disgusting too. still are, actually. i love kids, theyre funny. lol


Mr "Kids Disgust Me", I hope you never, ever breed.

That's what you get for breeding. Eat a fetus for Jesus.


bring them to a restaurant !


Alright, this is the last encouragement I need to never have kids. -_-


Aw....I think all kids are just naturally more prone to paint on themselves, than on paper and walls. :) Unless imbued with a fear of all mess by the tender age of two.

But yes, the pictures of them painting on themselves brought a gigantic smile to my face--it just makes them so happy!


Well this is the nature of kids anyway.
I would not say that i don't want kids all because the mess they can make,it's just there nature.
reward them with a video game

watch out for your electricity bill.

River Styx

Haha, these are hilarious!


canabalism is too kind, they should all be drowned at birth.

people who think disgusting children are cute and loveable should be also be drowned, but more slowly, in the mean time, let's hope these idiots stop breeding before we need to break out the waterboard technique on them.


The trick to children is simple. Make the mess before they can.

Mark Atkins

Brilliant, I think it's time to have "the snip"


I also remember someone once posted a pic somewhere of their son painting their Macbook Pro with a permanent marker... would fit right in this series.


Awwww...I love these! Yes kids are messy, and if you are too persnickity to be able t enjoy that, feel free to dial your therapist and bring that up in your next session.

Blue Highlighter o.O

Kids will be kids, and kids are disgusting. If you don't like 'em don't have 'em. Seriously. We have enough pissy people on this earth already, we dont need you child-haters breading and spreading the Negativity. :P

Man, I hate kids. They need to disappear.

I should dig a deep hole, and blindfold all the kids, saying there is a suprise. Then I push them into the hole. The ones that survive won't get out.


WOWv.. I just adore kids.. They are simply the funniest creatures in the world.. Let them have fun.. Please don't hit out the kids.. Without them life willing be meaningless and worthless.. :)


But, uh, you were a kid once too. And Hey, none of that was permanently damaged, yes? Come on, it's cute. :D


A sick title to a very funny post


i wish i havnt done any of the above ... but i may be wrong ... hehe ...
kids ... !!!


Looks like fun to me!!

very funny,,,,i love kids. Innocent...


Oh my, Man if my T.V was plastered i'd so cry but luckily house insurance covers the little helper painters lol


u people disgust me kids are great maybe u should be drowned it the nature for kids to be messy ever think of wtf U did when U were a kid? make same mess's if not worse? idiots stfu now

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