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December 13, 2007



FYI. Some of those pics are ARR, not necessarily for commercial use. Since you are getting ad hits on this page, you might want to consider getting permission from the photographers first.


i think the majority of those things are artistic, and cool

jim obvious

i think you are an idiot if you think thats art, my farts is art


I think the dog walks around the neighborhood like the little children do, oblivious to cars in a private area. So i like that speeding one. I find it appropriate.

Whats wrong with Jesus?


Haha the picture of Jesus is just a little bit south of here, we call it Field Goal Jesus


yeah the one with doorbells... just FYI, in some cases multiple apartments all use the same door, so, not necessarily overkill.


LOL! Another great post! Thanks...

I think the Mr. Potato Head, M&M characters and Bart Simpson are really just "filler" -- to make sure you can't see the house, right?


Re: 6.
I've seen worse.


What your car?..And to jim and jason that posted above me..Shut up ya fuckin pansies and get a life and light the hell up!!!


I've driven past the Jesus before, but it was at night, all lit up. It was also slightly foggy on the lake that it's in. Cthuluhu Christ, FTW!


I'm pretty sure that Jesus statue isn't a Jesus statue. I think it's supposed to be Peter.

Bob Blowme

Jim, everything is art. Even your farts.


The world is going to hell.


What if you hit the dog but you're NOT speeding? How would they know?


Hey! The "Speeders who hit my dogs..." sign is my photo. Cool!


@ What's wrong with Jesus?

Nothing. It's his fundie followers that scare the bejesus outta me.


The photo of the Jesus statue, is in fact Jesus...not Peter. And it is known by locals as Touchdown Jesus...the thing is very unexciting ...


Nothing wrong with Jesus, except he is the brainchild of lesser people.


For anyone who wrote 'what's wrong with Jesus?', I'm from like 20 minutes away from there. It's a major eye sore. Seriously, there are much better things to do with that money.
Thank god there is a Hustler right down the road from it.


Yeah, there's nothing wrong with at least half of those. That author just wanted to seem witty and caustic from the safety of his computer chair, while he happened to have a stick firmly entrenched in his rectum.


Shouldn't Jesus be walking on the water?

Blasphemy I say, blasphemy.


The Jesus is actually 42 feet tall. It's not really important, but I thought I'd point it out. It's also called Touchdown Jesus and Big Butter Jesus, because it looks like it's made from butter.


As someone who had a child who rarely slept I can commiserate with the last one. Nothing worse than FINALLY getting your baby to sleep only to have some asshat shouting outside.


As someone who had a child who rarely slept I can commiserate with the last one. Nothing worse than FINALLY getting your baby to sleep only to have some asshat shouting outside.


The 4th one looked like they had a major law suit over a slippery floor. http://www.spymac.com/details/?2331805

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