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December 01, 2007


Denise 'Money Making Machine' Maine

Lol. Those photos are hilarious. I love the fat elvis.

Now I'm sure there are some smart ones in that area.



Lol the little kids in the elvis getups...the parents should be charged with child abuse.

Will Scott

So the really sad part is that except for the cowboy hats, the first picture could have been us at my father-in-law's house.

And yes, he lives in Alabama :)


Wow I think I've seen some of these people or "critters" coming out of the woods where I live haha (Arkansas)

Is it just me or did we totally ignore the fact that some chick is rubbing her boobs all over the back of that dudes head (the one in the overalls haha)

That fat Elvis is from San Francisco and performs as "Extreme Elvis", dumbass.

That fat Elvis is from San Francisco and performs as "Extreme Elvis", dumbass.


are we ignoring the fact that the hicks in #1 are actually cute...i think i can accept the hick-ness.


Rednecks will forever supply us with pleasure! Want more redneck pleasure? go here: http://abmp-staff.blogspot.com/2007/10/redneck-pride.html


Wow...as a southern girl from Texas, I have to lower my head in shame!! Get it together people, seriously.

Ugghh....and #3 just made me want to slap somebody. Random ridiculousness.


Dude! why does fat Elvis have a camel toe!?

Nagasaki Freekiller

I think the camel-toe is his balls...eww.

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