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January 19, 2008


sir jorge

it's so true, so true!


Fuck you. You're an intolerant tool for not tolerating this...ASS HAT!


"6. You judge an entire country based on the presidency of a single, flawed leader."

I do judge an entire country based on who they elect, as a whole, to lead them. Shame you cant see that democracy works that way.

Ash A

Agree with JIMBARK, as the official spreader of "democracy", you can judge the US based on their "chosen" leader.


What do you mean A single flawed leader?! The rest of the world has had 50 years of war criminals at the presidency of the USA to judge this country.


Darkie toothpaste is now Darlie and is still being sold throughout asia. It's the best.


I notice most of the comments negatively regarding this article seem to be from people who don't wish to part with their ignorant and intolerant views. F.Y.I. - to the people who want to judge a whole country of people based on 1 person, or even a group of people - I didn't vote for Bush, I wasn't for the war, so don't group all of us together. How can you agree its wrong to lump together homosexuals, Islamists, etc etc, but think it's ok to lump us together? That's typically the backwards and hypocritical language of intolerance.

auto transport


auto transport

These people need to look up "Free Hugs" on Google.

Heteoman against Bush

No agreement on that not judging the country based on the (so called) democratically elected president.

Really now, how many idiots voted for that idiot only to think to themselves, "Damn, that Bush is an idiot. But, I'm not an idiot for voting for him."

Endorsement is an indictment.

Steaming Pile

Why not judge the whole USA based on our flawed leader? We (or at least 60,000,000 of us last time around) VOTED for the fool, for Christ's sake! Think about that. After four years of becoming quite acquainted with George W. Bush, 60,000,000 of us voted for him AGAIN on the recommendation of a bunch of beer-addled VFW types with their heads up their own asses. You know the saying, "fool me once. Shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

I gladly accept my share of this shame until November when, hopefully, we have come to our senses.


To all of you who said Bush is our "chosen" leader, congratulations, you've been manipulated just like us.

We did NOT choose him. Not the second time, anyway. He was chosen for us. Just like the next president will be.

A LOT of us are trying to fix this mess, unfortunately, we don't live in a republic anymore (it never was a democracy, for future reference).

We've been hijacked.

Ron Paul 2008!


There are people out there who call american's idiots for voting for Bush. I agree, I can't stand Bush, but I'm one vote in many. Don't think for a second that comparing him to rulers like Castro, Kim Jong-il and Hussein is even remotely similar though. The difference? We have the power to remove him. We've done it once, we'll do it again damnit.


Sorry guys, I could've forgiven voting for him once and then seeing what a horrible mistake you'd made. But then you voted him in again! I really sympathise with the tens of thousands of americans who must be banging their heads on walls in frustration at the muppets that voted him in but the fact is that when the world looks at the US, they see their elected leader.

I sympathise...we had Tony blair!


You missed one . . .

"You're an intolerant tool if you get off writing articles that call people intolerant tools."


Actually only 49% of the country elected Bush but do to the flaws of our electoral college system he still won.


the god of abraham does punish the entirety of a group not just those guilty of sin. the old testament is a pretty cruel accounting of god killing tribes and even going as far to say he will punish your seed and your seed's seed, for disobeying his statutes and commandments.

bob brown

Mostly agree. However the one about condemning the whole for it's fucked up leader is how it is. We the US fucking A did this to not only iraq but untold numbers of other countries.


People are sad and history will either show how brutal society was or there will be no history at all.

Join the Movement at http://www.atheistrevolution.com

thats wrong..I'm bosnian and I have all my teeth and I don't smell.


Anyone check out the website on the sticker in #3? These idiots might as well be KKK!


I wonder if god promotes intolerance among all his children, what about of damned hot mongers...*sigh*

Khannea Suntzu

The US voted for Bush. The majority elected him. Twice. You are responsible for him, so yes, the USA sucks real bad.


to anyone who says that you can judge the country on the leader because we put him in office.
orignially, Gore won the popular vote, meaning the mojority didnt vote for him.
the real mistake was re-electing him but everyone was so happy that saddam was caught they were blind.
people say americans are ignorant, but doesnt that sentance itself say anyone who thinks that is ignorant?

Skeed R

(That website is an event i go to as at the moment i don't have my own website)

All these pictures make me wonder just how these people can live without something happening to them. As a christian myself i find i'm increasingly lenient as compared with christians of other countries. Unfortunatly it's also increasingly american christians. Just how do these people not learn?

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