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January 19, 2008



Just to remember, American doesn't mean US citizen. America goes from Alaska to patagonia.


So good to see all the younger voters looking forward to voting in the upcoming election. I urge you to vote democrat, I will be retiring soon and would love to have more goverment programs to take care of my needs. I know you young people don't mind at all paying the way for me and millions of other retirees if you don't get wiped out first. Don't vote for someone you like instead vote against someone you don't like. I voted for Bush and see that I made a bad choice I think we'd be in a way worse place if the Dem's would have won and I do like chaos, missed that one. should have payed more attention to history. So try to get out and vote this time and insure us four years of big spending and change. And universal health care. Oh and bring home the troops so they can fight our enemies here on our shores.

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