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January 19, 2008



There's no reason why the "Pre-Civil War Garbage" should be grouped with this. I don't think the KKK endorses Darkie Toothpaste.

It's funny. Why shouldn't we be able to laugh at the past?


I can't stand intolerant people.


Americas president is elected by an electoral college. The popular vote does not count. You are all intolerant tools. We no more chose our leader than Pakistan.

Super Doobie

In response to;
Posted by: JIMBARK | January 21, 2008 at 09:15 AM

"6. You judge an entire country based on the presidency of a single, flawed leader."

I do judge an entire country based on who they elect, as a whole, to lead them. Shame you cant see that democracy works that way.

America is not a democracy, it is a republic. Huge difference, but I doubt you know that.
Also Bush was not elected, the election was stolen. We have been fighting it ever since it happened and continue to do so, even if all we can do is set the record straight.


I wasn't old enough to vote when Bush was elected for the first time. And I wasn't the second time either but five days. The US citizens don't have control over who gets elected. Not as much as we should anyway. The house of representatives holds all the power there. The majority of a state could vote one way, and the house could vote the other in the end. Guess who's vote is the one that counts? I live in Idaho, and I could stamp my feet and scream that Bush is a lying son of a bitch until I pass out, but it wouldn't make a difference. All the democrats in Idaho could vote one way (and if we all did it would be a hefty vote I think) but no matter what the state would still go republican because that is what out representative is. And anyone who lives in this country knows it been a long time since elected officials actually represented anyone but themselves and whoever funds them. So don't give me your judgemental bullshit about how its all our fault. There are a lot of dumb fucks in this counrty, but there are just as many people who actually care about what goes in in this country and who don't just fill in republican or democratic slot in the ballot because its the easy way to do things. And those same people are the ones trying to make a difference this time around and who were trying to make a difference last time but couldn't. Think about that the next time you scoff at the US because you're to ignorant to believe that its not as easy as it looks and we are nowhere near as free as the media makes us all think we are.

"I do judge an entire country based on who they elect, as a whole, to lead them. Shame you cant see that democracy works that way."

The election was a sham and when you judge a country you judge the ones who can't vote too. #7 is for you.


Wow. Intolerance towards the USA just as their is intolerance toward homosexuals and African Americans. Maybe we should have just sat back and let Hitler run rampant over Europe as he would have easily done. Next stop for Hitler would have been the middle east then Africa. I understand that some decisions made in the present with regards to our foreign policy have not been the best but as a whole the USA has done exponentially greater good than bad. Instead of hating why don't we try and unite for the greater good of this world.


All of you who keep saying President Bush is a flawed leader, lets think about this.

Its September 11th, 2001. You, the president of the United States, are in a classroom, reading little kids stories, showing the people of the USA that you are not high and mighty that you are capable of rubbing elbows with the common people. Plus maybe you just like reading to kids, watching their faces completely absorbed by a story when all of a sudden you find out that a plane has slammed into the World Trade Center, you rush back to the white house and you find out oh wait a second plane has impacted the world trade center, a third has torn a gash in the pentagon and a fourth on its way to another deadly attack has instead plowed a field in Pennsylvania, due to the valiant efforts of the passengers on board. Okay, now the country is furious and wants justice, you being an American feel quite the same way, Al queda claims responsibility so you hunt it down in Afghanistan. The NSA, CIA and all the other intelligence agencies out there find links to Iraq, not in the attack but just link to hundreds of terrorist organizations. And on top of that Iraq is acting mighty suspicious, denying weapons inspectors and being very secretive at a volatile time. Plus on top of all this Saddam is not a very nice man. He was a capable leader but he did it in a rather lethal manner. So, Bush acting on the intelligence provided him decides to go into Iraq, and find out the truth, Saddam does not cooperate, things escalate, military action follows and all of sudden car bombs and IEDs start to go off. Kinda weird, especially in a country like Iraq that claimed to have no connections to terrorism or to harboring them. And yes removing Saddam did destabilize the government and somethings did falter. And yes the army is now stuck in quite a guerrilla war. But Bush does something that is quite uncommon, instead of cutting his losses and running, he sticks with it, perseveres and decides to try to fix the destabilization by keeping troops in Iraq, by fighting the terrorists, by preventing an outright Civil War. And oh wait, all of a sudden that becomes the qualities of a bad leader. I suppose that makes Eisenhower the president who kept an occupying force in Germany and Japan a bad leader too. The Difference between Eisenhower and Bush, the countries that he occupied at the end of WWII didnt harbor terrorists. They actually wanted to work together to put their lives back together. So perhaps before we start criticizing Bush, we should put ourselves in his shoes, weigh the options consider the situation fully and then pass jusdgement. I admit he is not infallible and I admit there may have been better options but under the circumstances his actions can be justified.

That "Kingdom Identity Ministries" site is pretty fucked up. Guess there's a reason they don't have a contact email, you actually have to call them to mock them.


For over a hundred years the US hasn't been at war with someone. Of course they weren't always called "wars", but the US has been in conflict with someone all the time going back to the 19th century.

So it's hardly judging based on one idiot leader. It's based on the endless military grinding of over a century of bloodshed caused by your country.

Plus the fact that your country seems to think it's the worlds police force. With arrogance like that, is it any wonder you're hated? It's hardly because of the actions of just your puppet in chief. It's an endless litany of despicable actions performed in the name of the US of A.

I love the fact that number seven totally makes fun of how the author is being an intolerant tool for judging these people based on their pictures and people actually argued about everything.

A Nony Mouse

That first pic is so obviously Photoshopped!


@JIMBARK (and numerous others)

If every single American actually voted, you'd still be an idiot with your statement. It only takes majority to elect, so you're throwing babies out with the bathwater. Not to mention that only a small percentage of people actually go out and vote - so yeah...you're just a fucking douche bag.


Shame you can't see there's no real democracy anymore twat!


"You judge an entire country based on the presidency of a single, flawed leader"

The people of USA ELECTED him to office TWICE, and have NOT impeached him. So yes, the country can be blamed.


For those of you angry at the writer for also being intolerant pay more attention to number 7, he nails himself too.


not judging USA by one leader (g.w. Bush), but by the fact that the majority of americans voted for him... THE SECOND TIME! Don't blame Bush for his sins when it's YOU that put him there and voted to keep him there for a second term!?


Forgot to include "women's" products next to the "Darkie" product, did we? Guess we just haven't gotten that far. Hmph.

I love the U.S. BUT!

The problem with the Antibush-picture is, that since he *won* a second term after all the shit he already pulled off, puts just about over half of the population in the same category. I don't see a problem there. The rest of the pictures, I get your point.


I agree with no race mixing sign


Haha, refreshing. Those anti abortion fools stand in front of planned parenthood clinics and really think that its that simple. The conservatives always think of everyting in black and white, that is why our country still likes to think in "black and white", literally. They never consider individual situations and cases, its just that "easy" to separate everyting and everyone into categories or to check off little pointless boxes. I do disagree though with the idea of a negative view of our country based on the actions or lack thereof a single leader. The whole history of United States is flawed and most if not all presidents and politicians were flawed, we have 300 some' years to base a particular view about "America".


Dugg for the self-depricative humour!


> You judge an entire country based on the presidency of a single, flawed leader.

I don't judge you for making a mistake electing him. I judge you for not getting out from behind your computer screens, taking to the streets, and forcibly removing him. That's what your forefathers would have done. They wouldn't have sat back and said "We just have to put up with him one more year." Get off your collective asses if you don't want to be judged.


The problem with #6 is that Bush was voted in twice. That means there were enough voters satisfied with his royal f-up in the first place to put their trust in him twice. Now, the whole country may not be so moronic, but your elected leader is your 'face' of communication to the outside world. In that respect, I think many people in the world have a valid reason to react very strongly, in order to draw attention to the problem.

I think, to a large extent, those who are 'over reacting' to Bush are more or less just trying to get 'a reaction' from the American public that has slothfully allowed him to abuse the most powerful position in the world. I mean, how messed does your country have to be to impeach a president for getting a blow-job, but not for:

- Ignoring international law by instigating an illegal war.
- Failing due-diligence in his oversight of national crises (FEMA).
- Using veto power to strip Habeas Corpus, one of the pillars of American justice, from POWs (or anyone for that matter).
- Participating in Orwellian surveillance on his own citizens, illegally. Then, retroactively legalizing it through veto power.
- I could keep going, but I hope you're getting the idea.

The point is, in your comment about #6, you yourself have performed a #1.

Ryan Standeven

Kingdom Identity Ministries is a freaking scary place
to think that they actually believe the stuff they're selling...

Disturbing to the max...
one of the reasons I dislike religion...

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