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January 23, 2008



LoL....The BJ's Welcome sign is in Eugene, Oregon. I pass by it all the time and always chuckle :)


Isn't that BJ's Welcome Inn sign just around the corner from the No-Tel Motel? That sign has the silhouette of a woman whispering "Shhh!". Got stuck there once overnight when my car broke down.


The pigeon one, that is a work of art!


agree with ted ...
the pideon one is great ...
wonder how many people called that number to collect the reward ... hehe ...


It is well written. The good fellow.


It's great Oregon is in the news.....
It's too bad it's for stuff like this.
I stayed there once...got a staph infection.... don't go there


Well, if I came into your establishment to 'interact' with you, I would take off my Ipod. But since I just came in here to be a customer and give you 'money' for your services or some other purchase, you can expect that I am not in here to converse with you. Since you seem to need more than my money, I'll just buy what I want from some other venue. Thanks.


Troy's got it right! The person who pays makes the rules.



I hope you DO go to another establishment. Assholes are not welcome with the rest of us.


Apparently it's hard for douchebags like you to treat people with respect, like giving them you're full attention. As opposed to treating them like a thing that stands there and takes your money. If I had it my way, I'd throw the change at your face as the door hit your ass on the way out.
There are one too many stupid/rude customers out there.
check out www.notalwaysright.com


The guy with the huge cross is my friend's neighbor. He is a gang leader, you can see his posse behind him in the picture. The control a part of the 9th district in Budapest, Hungary. Nasty people, my friend saw them beating people several times. This picture was taken at the "Coca Cola Beach House" by the Balaton lake in Hungary.


I work in customer service and deal with many customers every day. I have no idea why anyone would care if they have an ipod in their ears or not. It's not rude unless there is a reason that I need to talk to them.


Tell you what, I'll take off my iPod if you'll hang up the phone.


The pigeon is a scam. There's a few of these floating around (like the lost cat with a picture of a squirrel). They get you to call the number then charge huge amounts to your phone account.


Funny - too funny - besides the pigeons, I also thought the christian gun sales said it all too!


Hahaha you steel from me...I kill you! That's great =) Straight forward. I hate when people beat around the bush...

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