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January 05, 2008


Ron Paul-ite

Unfortunately, we see the results of a failed education system in our country. Help me in moving ALL AMERICANS toward a healthier educational system. Vote Ron Paul!


At work we have electronic signs warning everyone that "Gurad Doors are Open".


Actually, Jeff, I put zero effort into proper spelling, and I have no problem at all. It takes me no extra time to spell correctly. What a cop-out.


Actually "GROJ" is a more common term than you might expect. It means that this "Garage Sale" is actually a "Get Rid Of Junk" sale. Hence, "GROJ".


If you're too stupid to realize that the vast majority of these were written by people who's first language clearly isn't English, then maybe you should reconsider what "Deficient Intellect" really means for you.


Actually Ruby, I don't think it was Jeff that posted that comment that you're referring to. I think that was Erik.


Point proven Ruby. You spell perfectly with no effort, but you focus so much on it that you don't realize who sends a message. And Elitist ....errrr Ruby, not everyone is as fantastic as you at spelling quickly, but most people, if they take a few seconds, can run spell check or proofread and identify their errors.


The comments above were probably very carefully composed considering the subject...as all comments should be. Go to any Internet comment forum and you'll find the mistakes above are made all the time, by people of any age, education, and/or intellect. It's the result of failing public schools and politically-correct, quota-based teacher hiring...among other reasons. It's very sad.


i thought that anne coulter add was on the list. lol. ha ha.


Funny. You can add this one to the list:

"...he has to thank those taskmasters that learned him to spell back in alimentary school."



That warning from park police that one might "get toad" actually makes perfect sense in the context of wildlife preservation. I suspect the pun may have been intentional, despite Centennial being an urban park.

As for "GROJ": that's just damned catchy! I'm using it. I bet the guy who lived there was named George (thus making it a palindrome: Jorg's groj).


I have an IQ of 160 and I am I christian! There is lots of evidence to support it!

Faithful Employee

It is always amazing to see ads and listings that are totally full of spelling errors - and yet the person wants you to buy their lucrative business or stay at their lodgings or resort.
Is it that the person writing the ad is in a rush , or that they just cannot spell.
If the person was dyslexic perhpas - but then it would be a good sign to ask for help and proofreading. Dyslexics are often quite good business as they know to delelgate - and compensate their shortcomings with other good skills
All in all it leaves a poor image of qualtiy and attention to detail .


Hey moron - GROJ means Getting Rid Of Junk. It is not a typo. Get a life you fucking bastard.

Kenny O

My favorite is one I saw at a jewelry store in New York years ago.
It read: "A small deposit will hold your purchaser"




Where's my toad???

Sue in NY

I have to add one - a few years back my dumb-ass neighbor was selling some toys at a garage sale. I had to look twice at it but I saw a sign next to her Barbie Dolls that said Barbie's and furcher for sale. I thought and thought....what was it? Barbie's and their furniture.....hmm...


on the donuts sign we all so have food would seem to be correct by present day standards


hahaha this is so cool!!


cool! I am still laughing. Maybe you like this:


you suck at narrating the pictures...


My favourite one was in peru, I went to a surf shop which advertised rental of "A wetsuit and a boar" for s/25. Oh how we laughed, then gave that shop owner preference for the rest of our stay.


Park on the grass and get a free toad? cool!!!

Vegas Videographers

I can't figure out which is worse. The spelling or the idiots who took the time to take a picture and post it online.

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