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January 05, 2008



Heard of 'dyslexia', 'non-native English speakrs', typos, errors when ordering signage over the phone, etc?

It's a lovely world when people get called morons simply for not being able to spell.


yay i like chicken it taste goo like gu stuff wants lots if it


Jayson, I'll assume you must be under 30 years old. The fact is, english, particularly american, is the most versatile language in the world. It is a veritable melting pot of all other languages.

As for our educational "system", what system? Try asking a high school english teacher a couple grammer and punctuation questions and watch their eyes glaze over.


I'll look for some photos like those they show the world... in another way



Come by our site if you want awesome signs WITHOUT mistakes! :)


Pete Karabatsos

Vuntz I had a kendy store
Bizniss was so bad
I asked mine vife what to do
and dis is vat she said:
Take yourself some Kerosene
pour it on de floor
Take a match, give a scratch
No more kendy store! HEY!

Hillbilly Girl

Last year, 'Linn Pubic Cemetery' appeared as a front page headline for our local newspaper, highlighting an article on local history and history-makers. It was supposed to be 'Linn Public Cemetery.'

Even now, I cannot drive past the local 'pubic cemetery' without laughing.


Ha! My bandmates and I have been laughing about that "Donuts: We All So Have Food" sign since we moved to Philly. It's in Chinatown, which might reflect the explanation for quite a few of these grammaux-pas.


Any school that has books and some sort of curriculum can provide students with the tools necessary to learn how to spell. You don't have to go to Harvard to be able to spell simple words correctly. Conversely, even a highly educated professional can make stupid mistakes. Dan Quayle had a proper education (in fact, he worked in the publishing industry).


Oh dear God, how stupid are my fellow Americans getting?

Gray Lensman

Speaking as a teacher, my theory is that correct spelling is a talent, like math or music. Many professional writers can't spell.

Gray Lensman

Speaking as a teacher, my theory is that correct spelling is a talent, like math or music. Many professional writers can't spell.


Look at this awesome pictures: http://www.spymac.com/details/?2331213




Not sirpriseng it all, we all maka mestikes one tame or anoher

Phil E. Drifter

Yeah I used to work with a woman who, when someone asked her a question but she needed more information, would ask 'could you be more pacific?'


Scary! Really scary. Our education system, that is.



It is an intelligence deficit.

With dyslexia rates at only about 5-9% in the U.S., it is inexcusable that a much greater percentage of the population does not either (a) know how to spell the simplest words , (b) is indifferent to their education, or (c) is too lazy to double-check their spelling.

Come on, people. It's not that hard.


these are awesomely(:)) funny


"Deficient intellect?
Why should correct spelling have to be an intellectual feat? I ascribe this more to the fault of our complicated and ridiculous language. Most other languages are so much simpler."

Obviously you've never taken French. English is EASY comparatively. Also, I don't believe correct spelling takes extra time, or necessitates being a perfectionist. It simply requires paying attention.


This is terrible, i missed the chance for a picture because it was a highway, but in Ohio, a road sign said "CAUSHUN" "YEALD A HEAD"


These are some doozies (did I spell "doozy" right?).


a failed haiku.

these made me laugh histarically.


haha...funny, but scary how stupid people can be.


Added to TopStumbles:


AHH I wish I had my camera for these ones I saw:
A sign on a restaurant door that said 'close for kitchen fixed'

An Arby's offering lamb 'gryos'
(instead of gyros)

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