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January 29, 2008



"I don't see the problem with the Creationist ones. At least we don't believe we are related to monkeys. If the world had been around for 4.5 billion years ( or however long) how come the volcanoes have not doubled the planet's size?"

We are related to monkeys, we have the same physical characterists, similar DNS structures, similar behaviors, etc. Humans are part of the kingdom Animalia, on the same branches as monkeys, chimps, and gorillas. Just because our brains developed differently does not seperate us from the rest of the living world.

Where exactly are you proposing that extra matter that is supposed to double the planet size is coming from? The earth is essentially a closed system (for the sake of this argument), there is no extra matter coming in to it to change its size. The lava that comes from volcanoes comes from the interior of the planet. As more land is created by volcanic activity, it forces the crust down just a little bit more, melting more rock, adding more molten rock to the interior which will later on be ejected from a volcano. It's not the exact terminology and all that but that's the basic mechanism.


that train has 666 on it


Nice collection of edited pics :-) people was encouraged to think and use their brain, lol.

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