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January 25, 2008



Genious, and probably not far from the truth...


Love him or hate him?


Anyone who "loves" someone who has caused the death of upwards of 1 million people needs to be locked up themselves.


an m.d. would prefer "efficacy."




Jonas, evidence please? Or you are a twit.


Hope that commie likes a room in GitMo.


Takes one to know one, Sean...


Thank God that 1 doctor knows what he's talking about atleast.


Sean, because if it's less than a million, it's not a problem right? You sir, are an asshole, and part of the problem. Thanks.

I hate all of the Clintons!

The Bustedtees chick in the red soccer shirt is smokin' hot!

And Jonas, Fuck you!



Sorry, but someone like you is yet again someone arguing a point that has nothing to do with the point. Sean didn't say anything about if it's less than a million it's not a problem.

YOU can potentially be part of the problem by spreading misleading information (which is what Sean was trying to point out). Again, I said potentially because I'm not going to accuse you of being anything unless I am certain.

Please think about your "rational" argument before you make a statement please.

steve wang

i found a great article about how much bush has taken (stolen) from heard earned taxes , And some people still like the guy. http://www.opentopix.com/topic/politics/what-people-think-of-bush

i love bush

Bush stole money, killed over 1 million people, is responsible for global warming, and from what I hear he is not going to step down after the next elections.
Also can't forget that he is behind 9/11


wow, one if you like bush you must be one of his personal whores

and Steve wang is a fucking retard how is bush responsible for globel warming

fucking morons


9 out of 10 wish he would be assasinated.


"Hope that commie likes a room in GitMo."

It's the Communists who lock people up for having ideas and opinions that don't match their own. That's why communists don't believe in the United States Constitution.
Sean, you should move to China. You would LOVE their government!


I see nothing to laugh about with this president.Anyone who still supports any of his policies needs to go suck an egg.



didnt you just sum up the reason why there is no need for Sean to move to china?

Seem like Americans only elect people who is willing to circumvent this holy old piece of writing that they hold so dear.

Hypocrisy? You bet.


Get rid of organized religion and this world will be an all-around better place to live.


History will not be very kind to Bush. He didn't cause the problems that our country is facing (except this "War on Terror"), but he isn't doing anything to help our country. He seems only interested in helping himself and his rich buddies.


I love the pic. It sums up how I feel about Bush


I would never trust a president who is named after the overgrowth of hairs around the genitalia..Cmon even the commies get Brazilians...Sorry to say but only a total fool can lead a load of fools....Fact!!!


Boy I can't wait to hate the next Democrat President. I'll make up whatever lies I need to, just like today's Dems. But I am going to accuse him/her of all kinds of crazy nonsense.


cy "9 out of 10 want him assassinated": Yeah but see, if he gets assassinated, that makes him a martyr and then everybody loves him. We don't want that. We want him to ACTUALLY choke on a pretzel, or something stupid like that so the world can look back on him as the dumbass he is.

Dan A

81,020 – 88,466
Documented Iraqi civilian deaths...
(source: http://www.iraqbodycount.org)
US Soldiers killed:
Total from allied killed:
(source: http://icasualties.org)

TOTAL: (using the low civilian death estimate andnot including iraqi soldiers killed or citizens undocumented): 89,217

That's a lot of dead people folks...and the war that killed them based on WMDs that were never found. They've had YEARS to find them, and have found nothing...

So, considering that I haven't included Iragi deaths here, or undocumented civilian deaths, the estimate of a million deaths is probably much closer to true than you might think...

However, if someone is going to say "A MILLION PEOPLE KILLED" they need to back that statement up. They aren't helping any cause by throwing out random unbacked stats.

This war is a crime against humanity. It involves torture, it involves massive ammounts of civilian casualties and it's based on a lie. The liar....needs to be....arrested and tried....

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