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January 15, 2008



With Huckabee you might think youll see those kind of changes. However I doubt it. You will with a vote for the Paris Hilton of politics Obama and the worlds evil step mom Hillary see our beloved Constitution burned at the stake.

jamEs - modsuperstar.ca

Just wow. I thought we were trying to homogenize religion out of society.

theocratic nightmare

I was under the impression that the President was supposed to protect and defend the Constitution.. not pervert it. Perhaps it is easy to lose sight of that oath after 7 years of BushCo.

paris hilton of politics? Haha, yeah. Because intelligence, change, and forward thinking are Paris' strong points. idiot.

solorunner is a moron

Solorunner your douchebag. Huxabee would do more to damage this country than either of those two. We've had a Repub president the past 8 years and he's done more to ruin the Constituion than any Democratic president. Do so more reading then come back you dumbass


Well, aside from this being absolutely appalling, I don't think this is legitimate. I just don't see someone who is running for president as putting this out. What evidence is there that it is?

However, even if it was, there is virtually no chance that this would ever EVER pass through Congress.


Way to Go Huckabee - #1 I love him!!!!!


How nice of you and your readers to use such demagoguery (you can look that one up) when you have no logic to back your argument (that was sarcasm--you can look "sarcasm" up a well). Perhaps you should find an actual logical idea for your disdain for Huckabee.


This has to be a hoax.


This is definitely a fake. Come on, exercise some common sense. First off, it's a screen grab of Word. Who would do that and why? Only someone wanting to cause a stir. Sadly, it looks as if they succeeded.


Are you guys serious? I know for a fact that wasn't his letter to his chairman. If it was it would be in an email not wordpad. And also why would he start changing the constitution if he isn't even president yet. HELLO ALL DIGGERS!


Anytime I see such a bold accusation, without any attribution, I automatically assume it's fabricated. This Huckabee memo is fake, unless I see some proof or attribution otherwise.

Alex Marino

Somebody should introduce this idiot to the Treaty of Tripoli.

David Spencer

OK this is BS...

Don't get me wrong I am not a Huckabee supporter. I am 100% for Ron Paul, but I have to say this is garbage and totally untrue.

Besides the simple fact is that such a statement would be pretty much political suicide; if this had even a modicum of truth it would be the headline across the world that "Huck to chuck the Constitution", and of course it isn't. This is a joke.

Come on people get a clue... This is not even a slightly convincing stunt and I feel sorry for anyone who believes trash.


The actual logical idea behind my disdain for Governor Huckabee is that in order "take back this nation for Christ" he will need to repeal the establishment clause of the first amendment of the Constitution, a law that makes "taking back this nation for Christ" illegal. Government should be of all the people, by all the people, for all the people, not just of/for/by the segment of the population that espouses fundamentalist christian religious values.

point getting lost

NOTE: Juuust before the screenshot is "P.S. Yes, it's fake; it's a P.A.R.O.D.Y."
You are missing the point of the post. Its to help clarify a statement that the beloved ass Huckabee made the otherday.


Uhm, wow, I can't believe all of you idiots took this seriously. The word parody might've been a dead giveaway... ::rolls eyes::


As an Englishman the Race for President is the best thing about 2008 the entertainment it gives is priceless.
Please do not think I am one of those USA haters I am not I have always admired the your love of your flag and country but to an outsider the Presidential race is like one big circus all I can say is



Okay, seriously, all you people saying this is a fake...duh!!!! It says it is at the top! ITS A PARODY!!! No, Huckabee did not actually say he was going to change the constitution or any such thing. However he has, on quite a few occasions-in speeches and elsewhere-hinted at and even stated right out that church and state should be more connected, rather than separate.

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