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January 14, 2008



This is mega interesting about awesome

Eric Monse

Crazytime means keep away! - Eric Monse

The World's Smartest Man

Women can be damn scary. Hilarious post, helped me get through the day! Can't stand women that are always threatening to fight.

Ronald Lewis

While humorous, these have actually occurred -- One even applies to myself. Yeah, stay far away from the types mentioned above.

Nathan V

Dated one of those once. Had to threaten to call JAG before she stopped calling me.


Great photos! Really love them.


1 or 2 of those bring back unwelcome memories...


WAIT. People on the internet have girlfriends?

Cheap joke, couldn't help myself.


hahaha the pictures are great and your comments so FUNNY!!


this hits the spot man. All women have a thing about becoming mothers and naming kids. should have added one more point,
Photoshopping your pictures together to make pictures of your unborn children.




Funny Link...


what's up with the one about the lipstick on her teeth? My gf does that...

Professor Riffs

Every picture on this page serve as perfect reminders that all women are insane. Don't ever make me look at them again.

John doe

you forgot #12: She tries to administer a personality test claiming that L. Ron Hubbard is the messiah.

Just a dude

Lame. That's really all I can think of. You're not all that creative - how about coming up with something original? The topic itself could have been written about in a much more clever way, but you chose to (as so many others) write in a "just catchy enough" fashion as to get Digg'ed. Is that really the point? Let's get Digg'ed & make some cash from click-through ads? How about a new article - I'll help you along... 11 TellTale signs that you are most DEFINITELY a tool:

11 - Even though most people would count backwards (as is the trend) when putting an "11 Telltale BLAH BLAH BLAH" list together, I proceed to count from 1 to 11 instead of 11 to 1.

10 - While actual insight counts for something, I'll just wing it. Don't try to be original or creative! Let's just state a bunch of obvious things I've heard from my college friends!

9 - When you go home to meet her parents they say, "Holy Crap - That guy's a definite tool!", and her dad commences to give you a serious ass-whooping based purely on principle.

8 - You fantasize about tall hairy men in tights. What's worse is that you miss your fantasies when you're awake.

7 - You often refer to yourself as "Damn hilarious", but you know deep down inside that not only are you greatly removed from "hilarious", the funniest thing you can think of is when your brother beat the crap out of you, yanked your underwear down to your ankles, and then called you a "little cutie pie". But you liked it...

6 - None of your so called "friends" really like you - they just tolerate you while you have room on your $187.00 limit Visa card at the local craphole bar.

5 - You're obviously a douche... and you know it - but it's tough to admit the truth, isn't it? Here's your new mantra... DOUCHE...DOUCHE...DOUCHE...

4 - You really wish you'd taken the chance to nail that sorta-decent-looking chick in eleventh grade, but you had to bail to go to a D&D convention because you were "saving" yourself for the cheerleader that didn't even know you were composed of anything other than fecal matter. By the way - the sorta-decent-looking chick would have screwed you SEVENTEEN times that particular day (one of which would have included you actually penetrating her with you 3.6 inch penis) and you could have lived the rest of your life with her and been extremely happy.

3 - Aside from an occasional make-up snafu, females have lipstick on their teeth from blowing guys. Aside from you, that is because you're not really all that into it, are you?

2 - See number 5.

1 - Your bathroom materials include Vogue, Playboy (because Penthouse is just waaay too dirty), and a bunch of used Kleenexes you forgot to throw away after you saw the latest Home Depot ad.

So in conclusion, leave the writing to those who have graduated from high school, M-Kay?


She's "down with the clown"...that's all sorts of trouble. juggalette=craziest gf ever.

Just a dude

Way to be a candy-ass and not post my comment. Pussy.

Hugh Jass

As long as she's above the Vickie Mendoza diagonal on the crazy/hot scale.


Some women just go way to far...I didn't like the fact of my wallet sized photo being taped to the end of one of her "private" toys...thats just scary.


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