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February 03, 2008


eco gordon

how about "its pronounced 'air-pez"

Dale Hay

Lol, them T-Shirts are briliant. :D


That is a friggin Awesome list


I like the one I saw with a sperm bent to resemble the Nike swoosh
The caption was simply

"Just Did It"

David R

Yeah, well I just bought five of these for my friends just for kicks. It will be interesting to see if they actually wear them in public.
So, we need some fairness here--why not come up with something the ladies can wear? The possibilities are endless........


Skull fuck. Ah, brings back such good memories of when I was a D.I. But nun fucking is right up there with getting caught on top of a fat girl or a moped. Not something you want your friends to catch you at.How about "My kid kicked your honor students' ass and then skull fucked em'".

Declan Fallon

Icing on the cake is the Google Ad underneath for...




Too funny. My Daughter is only 7 now but if some kid ever wears one of these or others in the context of seeing my daughter, I'll most certainly twist him into a pretzel. But I'll laugh my ass off afterwards!


You know, girls old enough to go out usually can read, and I hope they have enough sense not to go out the door with anyone wearing these tees. At least we grown-up women are raising them that
way. Shoot, my sister and I taught our little sister back in the 70's to be smart about men. I'm surprised you get away with any of this shit at all. . .
Sure didn't get anywhere with my sister and I.

Mark James

Too funny! I almost pissed myself!


wow, and we wonder why we have a problem in our society? why men still beat and rape women, why 11 year olds are getting pregnant, 12 year olds are strippers, and 6 year olds are getting charged with sexual harassment? there's definitely something wrong when you can buy a thong for your 5 year old while wearing a shirt that says "i love blow jobs" classy people. no, really. i hope you wear that trash to your job interviews too. "Only inadequate losers need strippers." sorry for ya.


I saw a real nasty girls shirt that read bad girls dont swallow they spit in in your mouth. Cant imagine what kind of crazy tart would wear that. http://www.cafepress.com/tshirtfetish/528120


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Do they actually sell these shirts? Where can I buy some?


This is sick. Those shirts are for losers. No offense but I really hate people who wanted to be special, especially using terms above. Why you care telling people you love sex at the first place? These people makes me sick.


Nice post and funny tees. I'd send my daughter's boyfriend away when he came to my house wearing those kinda tees.


"I like long walks on the beach...after anal."

Buahaha.. .one of best in here ;-)))


Funny tshirts

Awesome t-shirt list. Nice to see them in my wardrobe.


"You call it a restraining order. I call it a challenge."



I wish MORE men would ear these types of shirts - saves us women those two to three minutes it would otherwise take to find out just how huge an anal orifice he is.

Unknown Rider

With free will to do good or ill, there's never a scarcity of those who go low, and nothing can be done to help them; they choose to lose. Such is the human condition, and why for all its technological change, the world never changes.


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