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February 25, 2008



um. seriously? neighbors from hell? decorators from hell, maybe. but they didn't really do anything to be considered bad neighbors.


This is nothing on my great aunt Rachel's house. She was such a pack rat. When it came down to it she got a whole lot of waterproof luggage and began storing it all in her yard. EVERYTHING. When she died there was over 200 waterproof pieces of luggage filled with the most miscellaneous crap. It took my family 3 weeks (with 8 hour days) to clear out her house as well as yard. The inside of the house was bad too, if you can imagine that. She had a 3 bedroom house, each room filled top to bottom, side to side with boxes full of once again, miscellaneous shit. /end


I like the pigs.


Photo 10 is actually a store in New Hope, PA. Nice collection.


actually jojo i lived right next to #7 in Toronto for 11 years and yes, there were indeed the neighbours from Hell.


Laughing at other peoples neurosis is funny and all, but..

The middle shot in #7 is of "Grandpa Sam's" house in Detroit, the epicenter of the Heidelberg Project. It's one of the most beautiful stories of hope and community activism that I have ever had the pleasure to witness. That guy is one of my heroes!



number 10 is like the nip/tuck headquarters


How dare you call aunt rache' a pack rat. Shame on you!! mojojo


I'm feeling the one with the asphalt. After working at Lowes for so long I always told myself that would be my yard. I couldn't deal with keeping up with grass and flowers and all that.

Leon Flamick

With the first one, his message is way outta line. God did not say he was going to destroy the world, rather, it was his Son Jesus Christ who said, not the world, but the system of things is what will be eliminated from the earth. That includes all the corrupt governments and religious organization who are causing dispairity and anguish among the populations.
He is right about one thing though...you are gonna die! Have a nice day!


I wonder why Sponge Bob didn't get in the list. I'm sure Squidwert woul like to. hahahahaa


I kinda like #6. How did they really cut the car into pieces????


#11 looks like it's a Nazi thing, Jews don't eat pigs and their (paws?) hands are raised like they're "heil"ing Hitler.


Nazi pigs are creepy, but not as creepy as this guy.



you're all faggots.

little Jimmy

mommy?....what's a faggot?


#1 is not limited to that lot but to all the property owned by this guy - it has been up about 40 years and is showing the signs of age - near Prattville, Alabama.


#1 is the creation of W.C. Rice, who passed on in 2004. I'm unsure of the cause, but it may have been too many squirrels in the attic. You can google wc rice for more info on this cat.


I think No.8 may be a fake. Lookin at parts of it, it appears to be a black & white pic that has been coloured, pretty badly imho.

What do you guys think, anyone else got photoshop experience agree?


The problem in the world is not the people who do what they please with their personal property, but the people, including most of you, who hate them for doing it.

Grow the hell up.


Like someone mentioned before, Shot #7 is part of an activist movement. They decorate houses that are dilapidated, or abandoned, or donated. The basic premise is: The city wont tear down the dangerous buildings, so they decorate them and make them art. Then the city gets mad and tears down the art. Either way the community wins. There is a house covered in pennies, one with a vacuum cleaner graveyard, and the trademark is colorful dots to represent jelly-beans. That shot doesn't belong in here, trust me, if you'd seen that community- you'd take living next to one of those houses above living next to a crack house.


Uh, no. Not all of #7 are "activist movements" I live around the corner from the first pic in number 7. Its just off Queen east in Toronto and they are nuts. They have 24 hour video cam surveillance of their front yard. They are very proud of their "achievement"


#8 is PShopped fake. Bad job of colorizing.


you just forget The Abode of Chaos ST ROMAIN AU MONT D'OR france.


enjoy ;)


I Love Heidelberg!

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