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February 05, 2008


Joel Teague

I've been reading Stephen Dawkin's book "The God Delusion" and while I agree with his conclusions, it doesn't take 400 pages to make a case against religion. Frankly, it's like reading the wafflings of an over-educated atheist-evangelist and it gets very tedious.

The best case you can make against religion is this: "DUH!!"

All the examples above are obviously preposterous, even to a 10-year-old. Setting up these 'official' groups to peddle these mad claims is no less daft than setting up some organisation to promote the 'truth' about Santa Claus.

Some of us leave imaginary friends behind at an early age. Others call them 'God' and spend their lives terrified of letting them go. These people should have the balls to face up to the responsibility of being answerable to nobody but their fellow man.


Mark Twain once wrote:

"Never try to teach a pig how to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig."

Need I say more?


In response to Scott Fanetti: When did you suddenly become a Christian. You have always espoused that the Bible is fiction. You are truly evil.


The dinosaurs and the earth's age are true, the rest are crap. Some of these things believed are not by "religious zealots" as you put it, but anybody. You make all people involved with religion look like they state those claims.


My gosh, some of this stuff is absolutely ridiculous. When you really examine the blind following of rules no longer applicable, it's just ludicrous that Christianity is still around yet no one worships Hera or Zeus. They're just as probable. You might as well worship Mother Goose. All of the bible stories have been filched from other religions so that pagans could be more easily converted.Even holidays-- they found out that Jesus was born in March, but needed a winter holiday, so moved it. How is it that Christians can discredit written myths like the Oddysey as obvious fiction and believe so strongly in a book written just as long ago.

I believe in God

Yes, God exists. However, He invented religions to separate the gullible from the rest of us. When religious people die, they go to hell where they listen to preachers and sing hymns all day. The rest of us go to heaven where we each get our own beer volcano and stripper factory.

Doug Brenner

Speed laws, as currently enforced, are an insult to the fundamental dignity of man.

If there is a heaven, the only way to get there would be to embrace and defend the dignity of mankind, which would entail breaking speed laws from time to time, within the boundaries of safety and reason.


Wow! Great! 'Tolerant' and 'open-minded' (imo hypocritical) liberals are placing prejudices on Christians again. Personally, I am a Christian and the only one I believe is the one of the dinosaurs. I believe they existed anywhere between 11,000 and 6,000 years ago.

In fact, most Christians do not believe the majority of these things. THANKS FOR PROFILING. Hypocrits.


Wow! Great! 'Tolerant' and 'open-minded' (imo hypocritical) liberals are placing prejudices on Christians again. Personally, I am a Christian and the only one I believe is the one of the dinosaurs. I believe they existed anywhere between 11,000 and 6,000 years ago.

In fact, most Christians do not believe the majority of these things. THANKS FOR PROFILING. Hypocrits.

stan s

Yknow, it pisses me off how this further spreads the stereotype that ALL Christians are right-winged nutballs who believe this kinda crap. It's this kinda stuff that makes it hard for me to tell people that I'm a Christian. Way to go MishMash!

jack daniels

Any religion is retarded,

to any zealot:

when you understand why you dismiss all other possible gods(muslim god, ect), you will understand why I dismiss yours.

religion...... it gives people hope in a world torn apart by religion.

Rachel of Cyberia

"There is more documented evidence for the life of Christ (even outside of religious documents, such as the documents of Josephus) than almost any other historical figure."

Wrong. There aren't any contemporary accounts of his birth, life, trial, or death. The Gospels were written starting 50 years after his death.

Louis B.

I have a comment as far as the earth possibly being the center of the universe and EVERYTHING else rotating around it. Most people commented the math becomes hard with this perception. The math actually becomes impossible as at some distance from the earth objects would have to be traveling MUCH MUCH faster than the speed of light to complete a rotation in a 24 hour period. This is not meant to give grace to the existence of god. God may exist (in some manner),(HOWEVER) he doesn’t give a damn about people or earth or the milky way. And you and everyone you love, and hate, and criminals and Jesus (if he existed) rots in the ground (unless cremated) then you rot in the atmosphere unless your jewelry grubbing ex wife turns you into a diamond (diamonds are (almost) Forever.) personally I opt for diamondation.


Those who know,..don't say. Those who say,..don't know.

Justin Crouse

Before leaving comments on this website, it is important that each individual be fully educated before leaving speculatory comments. The bible is the infallible, inerrant, complete, inspired Word of God. All of the "zealot comments" above cannot be applied to all Christians.

Further, any Bible-believing Christian will not support such claims as speeding sending you to hell. We are born with a sin nature and are fallen from the beginning. We inherit our sin nature from Adam. Therefore, we are born into sin. Man is not basically good. You don't have to teach a child to misbehave or rebel against their parents. It comes natural. Forgiveness comes through genuine confession and repentance...a true commitment to follow Jesus Christ and live for Him. Forgiveness comes through justification, which places the individual in right standing with God. Then, the process of sanctification begins, which is a life-long process.

9/11 was not an act of God. Rather, it was a result of the existance of sin and evil in the world. If anyone is to blame, mankind as a whole is. How could a loving God allow such things? Things like this happen and are direct results of mankind's disobedience and rejection of the one true God of Israel.

Sponge Bob is just a tip fo the iceberg when it comes to immoral entertainment. And we wonder why some kids never mature and grow up...and why they do crazy things?

Bottom Line: Do not take the comments of a few misguided Christian leaders and apply it to all. The Word of God is the final authority of theology, belief and polity.


I think you mean Ra. Ra is the Sun God.


Those who have to use profanity and religious insults to get across their viewpoints are uneducated and insensity morons.

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