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February 05, 2008


Bob Road

Well, has anyone lived for millions of years to verify that the dating methods we use are accurate? Was anyone around to examine the levels of various decaying isotopes used in dating methods? We think we have everything in physics figured out yet we still have so much to learn....

We BELIEVE the science is good but humanity always has a better track record of being wrong rather than right... I mean, it wasn't even until the last century that we found there parts smaller than atoms... And only in the last 10 or 20 years are we coming to the conclusion that the universe's expansion is not slowing down, as ALL scientists expected, but speeding up...

Kinda like "all science" is settled on the global warming issue?

Be careful who you call retarded.. lest ye find you are not as all knowing as you think.


god = lie created for power


i just cant believe that these pple would just say the darnest things but oh well time to get wasted.

Bob Road

"Why do people think that a loving God is capable of doing all these terrible things? Is this not more a reflection of their own inner feelings? Do we REALLY believe God is sadistic? That He revels in the knowledge that sinners will burn forever? Sick."

Actually, the sick and terrible things are done, according to believers, in the absence of God... Thus evil is not necessarily the opposite of good, merely the absence of. I like how members of this board point to all of the extremists and say that is the entirety of the belief... Should I take it that the people who said ten years ago the whole world would be barren b/c of global warming as representatives of the whole of science?

How about searching and finding the individuals who are both believers and true scientists and the results they have found. Heck, how about someone who doesn't openly broadcast their beliefs?
or from believers...

Hell, I didn't even have to go past the first page of Google for that. Try and at least show some effort?


Going on the internet is a sin... YOUR ALL SINNERS !!!! NO HEAVEN FOR YOU !!!!


Without science you wouldn't have the internet to argue your beliefs or use Google to find your "accurate information". Stop accusing science of being wrong and then using it. Ohh yeah and no TV either, thats science too, and cell phones... etc.

Sorry to burst your bubble. POP


By the logic presented by this post...

Every single white person is a racist, prejudiced redneck bigot.

All black people--mainly men--carry guns and will shoot them at anything that moves provided they could aim. Also, they're all dumb.

Everyone person born from or descending from the Middle East is a suicide bomber.

Every Atheist is, by extension, a satanist as well.

No single Asian on Earth could ever hope to learn, let alone speak, understandable English.

All men are rapists. In addition, any man whose pants don't tighten every three seconds is gay.

All women are lesbians.

No one who is well-versed in technology and electronics--and any intelligent person by extension--could ever hope to have a social life.

Believer or not, think before you start throwing around "jokes" like this to make that which you do not understand look stupid and ridiculous. We're all ultimately looking out for our own skins here. No one's more guilty than the other for doing it their way. The skewed views of a few are not representative of the whole. Mature, civilized people would understand that.


@ JR - In Romans 13 Paul says to submit to the ruling authorities of man. But as seen in Acts 4:19-20, when the ruling authorities of man act clearly against God's law, believers are to respectfully decline to obey man's laws. I'm not saying slaves should have respectfully declined to be slaves, but that man's laws can be flawed and often have been. Something as reasonable as a speed limit, however, is not going to be opposed to God's commandments and therefore should be observed by believers.


Argument from Dependency:
1) Principle of Sufficient Reason
for every positive fact of existence, some explanation why that fact holds

2) therefore, every being is either a dependent being or an independent being

3) dependent beings exist

4) it is false that all beings (past + present) are dependent
a) if all beings were dependent, then they would be infinite in number
A > B > C
can’t explain dependent being A
b) if all beings were dependent + infinite in number, then
there would be some positive fact of existence that has no explanation
c) this is not possible (given the PSR)
d) namely, the fact that there are dependent beings at all

5) there exists an independent being(s)

6) there exists a necessary being(s)

if you are satisfied with the serial scientific explanations of our existence - disregard this argument.


For unbelievers, you people sure use the words God and Christ a lot. Bunch of fucking hypocrites. If you don't want to believe in anything, don't. But stop bugging those of us who do.


although science and the belief in a higher power can co-exist... some of the things these idiot-christians say disgusts me. They are hypocrits and full of propaganda... go graduate college then we'll talk!

Holy fucking crap!!! No wonder anti-depressant drug sales are so high! These fundamentalist assclowns have otherwise sane people scared witless! It sounds like these people were pissed off for failing science class and now they want to create their own pseudo science based on a work of fiction. *Note to self: If I ever fail science I will create my own version based on "The Great Gatsby."* This has been the highlight of my day. I needed a good laugh. Creation does not equal evolution. If man lived alongside dinosaurs, don't you think the fossil record would have recorded that? Palentology: a beautiful science. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!


its funny until you go to hell. and most of these things are true anyway


Funny thing -- God must love Falwell and Robertson to death -- He's already taken one of them -- one to go. (I hear cheering from the thinking people all over the world.)


How is the motion of the planets in the sky explained in the "Stationary Earth" theory?


to Lawrence:

Well, if the Earth was stationary, then the "theory" would imply that everything would revolve around it, hence the perceived movement of planets.

It goes without saying that this "theory" is wholly ridiculous. I felt the need to say so anyway, however.


How about religious zealots of other religions beside Christianity?

Here's a couple from the Church of Global Warming:

Ellen Goodman editorial on Feb 9, 2007: I would like to say we're at a point where global warming is impossible to deny. Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future.


David Suzuki at a conference on sustainability, about what to do with politicians who don't make global warming a priority in government:"What I would challenge you to do is to put a lot of effort into trying to see whether there's a legal way of throwing our so-called leaders into jail because what they're doing is a criminal act," said Dr. Suzuki, a former board member of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

"It's an intergenerational crime in the face of all the knowledge and science from over 20 years."

The horrors of Global Warming are THEORIES. These zealots are making comments just as ludicrous as any of those you posted in this post.


"i'm surprised that anyone who believes in this nonsense is capable of operating a computer. maybe there is hope for mankind afterall..

hell does not exist. and it certainly is not in the earth's mantle.
dinosaurs are (hundreds to tens of) millions of years old."

It never ceases to amaze me how open-minded, tolerant, intelligent NON-religious people spew such filthy, ignorant slander about people who ARE religious.

And since you non-religious people are so smart, why don't you realize that you cannot definitively say that hell does not exist? There is no way to prove the non-existence of anything. For example, I could say I do not have a bag of chips. You could search my entire house top to bottom, search the pockets of my clothes, even my garbage cans, and not find the chips, but you have not proved that I don't have any. Ergo. saying "fact: Hell does not exist" is quite ridiculous.


Heh, everyone here is all caught up in this system of things. It's incredible how ignorant everyone here is. I found the truth and I'm the only one here from what I've seen that has. There is a reason we have the Bible, and the answers are there. Read God's word the Bible daily, and you too will find the truth.


Bull shit.. the bible is one great story nothing more nothing less.. and that there really are people that believe some of this shit.. Damn.. people wake up and google some knowledge! peace..

austin menard

religious people is crazy!


The "we are supposed to follow the government unless it goes against God" thing has been terribly abused has it not? There is no place for patriotism in the Kingdom of God. It's used to keep the churches silent and cowed in the face of real sin. Is it "for God" to bomb civilians & invade countries? To enable the rich to become obscenely wealthy at the cost of the majority? If it is "against God" for such things to happen why then is the church silent? Why does the church keep silent when the Israeli army shoots Palestinian children?

Oh right, the idea that one day absolutely nothing exploded and turned into the universe! Give me strength. How do base elements appear out of nowhere? Hydrogen? Out of nowhere?
And you call people who believe in God stupid!


You forgot the Koreshans. Cyrus Teed conceived Koreshanity in the autumn of 1869 in upstate New York, when he had what was later referred to as his "Illumination". While working in his laboratory, he claimed to have a vision in which he saw God in the form of a beautiful woman and learned the secret of the Universe and his place in it. He was told that he would interpret the symbols of the Bible for the scientific age. The nature of the Universe was revealed to him. The Earth was enclosed and we live on the inside - the Cellular Cosmology. Teed believed the earth was a hollow sphere with all life, planets, moon and stars within it.


I really look forward to the Rapture. The world will be so much saner afterwards.

George Bush

Religious people are all idiots. I'd believe in Santa Claus before I believe in some clearly more human creation like god.

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