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February 13, 2008



I don't know, Stone Temple Pilot's original name was pretty bad or at least what the acronym stood for before they became famous (images of shirley temple were common on the flyers)


Why the hate on the poor little pussy cats?


Nice, but probably comes in second to "The Dayglo Abortions"


I don't know, Stone Temple Pilot's original name was pretty bad or at least what the acronym stood for before they became famous (images of shirley temple were common on the flyers)


Odd, My Baby Takes The Morning Train and nobody says a word.


I gotta say, those bands are a distant second and third to "Anal Cunt"


Holy Fuck is a good band name too



Arse, Dave.


Eat a Queer Fetus for Jesus - that's pretty offensive.


"Fuck God In The Face" beats the hell out of that.


That's not even close to the most objectionable name ever. Off the top of my head, even Anal Cunt is more offensive.


Anal Cunt is at least catchy. Anal Cunt.


No, I want to see a punk rock band with the name: SEXY TODDLER

Try and beat that.

Ok, maybe "Crack Baby Blues" is a close second....


I have to say that nothing, not even "Anal Cunt" is as offensive as the band name "Vaginal Croutons"


Come on, dudes. MEATLOAF. Eh? EH?

Oh, I did hear of a "Vagina Bison" recently.


I remember this two piece band I played a show with in Clinton Township, MI. They were named "Two Dead Sluts, One Good Fuck"

Their set was eight minutes long and it consisted of a drum machine playing very very very fast, the keyboardist banging on the keys with a dildo (which he inserted into his pants prior to starting), and a guitar player. They ruled pretty hard, if you're into that sort of thing.


KMFDM was a bit of a shocker for its time. But tame by today's standards.

Just goes to show how far and fast we've slipped into a place where we mix the purest most innocent thing in the world (a baby) with the most vulgar and offensive terms for anatomy in order to acheive reactionus maximus.

Reminds me of Rome on the downturn.

Paul McKenzie

I dunno guys, my friends band, the wife-beating baby-shakers, is pretty awful


Personally, I was always a fan of Goat Semen Baptism.

QWERTY, are we talking the store-bought, tiny little cube croutons, or the Outback Steakhouse restaurant-size croutons?


KMFDM stands for "No Power for the Majority" (Keine Macht fuer die Mehrheit) What's so shocking about that?


This is a great name. It is a stark reminder of that which there is entirely not enough of: the eating, with gusto, flair and great technical skill, of pussy.

More, not less, pussy should be eaten on a more regular basis.

Keep the woman in your life happy: eat her pussy with reckless abandon!

[for completeness' sake I have to say that the ravenous eating of pussy is only supported in the case said pussy is free of any diseases, veneral or otherwise so that there is no impairment to the pussy eating pleasure of all parties involved. Hygiene and the maintenance of healthy practices in the course of pussy eating cannot be advocated too strongly. It puts the mind at ease, it offers great comfort and it promotes endless pleasure as pussy is consumed in copious amounts. It is the courteous and polite thing to do as two human beings enjoy each other's private parts.


Actually "No Pity for the Majority." But who knew the true name? Their moniker stateside was "Kill emeffin Depeche Mode."

Alas. This is not the point. That was only 20 years ago. The point is that things have changed quite a bit in regards to what our society tolerates/consumes/condones.


In a high school there was a local band called "My Mother's Cunt".




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