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February 13, 2008



Butthole Surfers?

IIRC, radio announcers would introduce the band as "BH Surfers". Asshats.



i know a worse name. A band down in my area is called anal holocaust pretty gnarly


i heard of "Bethlehem abortion clinic"

Paul G

How about "Anal Baby Fisting" or "Cot Death". To my mind, these are better (worse?)


objectionable yes

oddest probably not

besides ... whatever turns heads right?


Is this serious?
Look at this: http://www.unbelievable.euro.st/


I've seen a good deal of terrible band names, and while this is bad, its not the worst. Rotten.com had a CD cover of a band called "Ethnic Cleansing" with the CD title of "Piles of Dead Jews". I almost choked on my soda when I saw that someone had actually gotten it produced. So terrible.


Maybe not the most offensive, but "Crystal Cock Over Canada" is probably the funniest one I've heard.
For a short while, a friend of mine was in a band called "Hot Mumph".

T. Warnock

I remember seeing a poster for Dream 286 and the Fucking Cunts.

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