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March 06, 2008



Great, now there's not just GGW to worry about, but LSD shortages as well?!

Mike Britton

Hey, she's just voicing a need. Like someone writing 'Feed Me a Double Whopper with Cheese' on your back.

Polly Pureheart

I like the expression of the guy in the background. Dudes are dudes - even hippy dudes.


Sleek LSD

When I did a search on Google on LSD, found out the following -
LSD is a video game released in Japan in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation video game console and is one of three products (the others being a music CD and a book) based on a diary of dreams that a staff member at Asmik Ace Entertainment had been keeping for a decade.

Maybe she meant the video game???


Drugs are bad mmmm..mmkay, drugs are bad.
But it surely opens up the dimesion of creative parellelism and as people call it "trips".


More LSD at Wikipedia? Far out, man...


LSD temporarily shuts off the part of your brain that filters out reality.

This part of the brain is necessary for us to survive in such an insane society.

However the society itself would be far less insane if more individuals dared to open their minds to the greater truth that pervades the universe.

LSD may be the quickest, surest, cheapest and safest route to this truth. It is an unimpeachably valuable tool. But there are other routes and other tools, including extreme yoga, meditation and religion.


So, WHO IS SHE? Surely someone knows...

Everyone who says she's not at Burning man because she's at college- The only proof you have that she's at college is the title given to the picture by some blogger.


Still, no one knows who she is? Damn...


wow, this needs to go up on ibeatyou: http://www.ibeatyou.com/competition/748696/funniest-signs


Can't we all just...get along?

Fuckin' Awesome Hair

Just remember... Other peoples children!


i did some "hoffman" doses at a festival.

best trip of my life.


That's center camp at BM. I dont see what the big deal is.


Fascist f*cks need to piss off and expire (that's a fancy word for die).


Bob Marley

You guys are going on ab LSD and Burning man missing the point... She is sitting there topless...

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