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March 30, 2008



This dude is doing it wrong, too http://twitter.com/beechmachine


still better then pownce, someone dugg an item on how dumb pownce is showing some guy having added some random guy and one of that guy's posts being something about how he came back from shopping at the supermarket..the phrase:
"Pownce, the only site that lets a complete stranger find out about your supermarket shopping habits"

It got removed from Digg of course.


It only gets worse:

better light a few matches tho! about 6 hours ago from web

shauna's coming over. gonna break out the (wink wink) jimmy hats. about 6 hours ago from web

going to tan again. about 9 hours ago from web

yo yo yo yo. i'm back. the hershey squirts are gone. thank god. about 10 hours ago from web

wishing shauna would call. 08:05 PM March 30, 2008 from web

home. gonna finish 2 fast 2 furious. hoping the stomach calms down. 07:36 PM March 30, 2008 from web

gotta tan. be back soon bro's...and ho's ;) 06:09 PM March 30, 2008 from web


skeeze left early. her loss!

about 3 hours ago from web

HAHA!! I would say it was her GAIN!


Maybe someone will hit him with a truck.


Mr. Pink: You said 'True Blue' was about a nice girl, a sensitive girl who meets a nice guy, and that 'Like a Virgin' was a metaphor for big dicks.
Mr. Brown: Lemme tell you what 'Like a Virgin' is about. It's all about this cooze who's a regular fuck machine, I'm talking morning, day, night, afternoon, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.
Mr. Blue: How many dicks is that?
Mr. White: A lot.
Mr. Brown: Then one day she meets this John Holmes motherfucker and it's like, whoa baby, I mean this cat is like Charles Bronson in the 'Great Escape', he's digging tunnels. Now, she's gettin' the serious dick action and she's feeling something she ain't felt since forever. Pain. Pain.
Joe: Chew? Toby Chew?
Mr. Brown: It hurts her. It shouldn't hurt her, you know, her pussy should be Bubble Yum by now, but when this cat fucks her it hurts. It hurts just like it did the first time. You see the pain is reminding a fuck machine what it once was like to be a virgin. Hence, 'Like a Virgin'.
Joe: Wong?


Clearly not wrong enough, given he got all this attention. I bet that's all he wanted.

Jane Nebbish

Some people shouldn't be allowed to use the internet at all.


meh.. looks like the dude installed Shitter instead of Twitter


Man I have a Z, now... even if he doesn't own one, I feel like a tool because I do, and he has it for his back ground /trade.

Nikola Demdorov

This dude is too egoistic to use Twitter properly. I think he is unable to imagine how people would read his posts and how they would reflect to them.

Dating Blog

At first I couldn't believe my eyes! Outrageous! But after reading his so-called "blog" I was shocked!

Can people REALLY post such crap?

Federal Watch

hahaha..I have to agree on this one..^^..some folks really shouldn't be out there in Twitter sending senseless updates to other members..^^

Anyways thanks for posting this screenshot..^^it made me laugh..^^

Malte Landwehr

Sooner or later everyone will stop following him and he will be twittering all to himself. Where is the harm?

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