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March 16, 2008



Don't reject Jesus just because a few pricks like Bush and Cheney do evil in his name. Instead, reject Bush and Cheney and all others like them.

Jesus's message was one of love and tolerance. He also rejected all that crap in the Old Testament too. I believe the early christians may have embellished a little when they recounted his life but if you can get beyond that...

BTW, I think if Jesus were asked for his views on Creationism he would reply, "Who you gonna believe, some ignorant goat sacrificers who heard voices and didn't know a thing about physics, chemistry and biology or people who have actually studied the subject?"


Bob is right.


So, Jesus was an intelligent person who discounted everything in the Bible (Old Testament) and taught love and tolerance? So I'm an intelligent person who discounts everything in the Bible, too. I like love and tolerance. I don't kill people for it, though. And while Jesus didn't either, many people do and say it's for him.

Why does anyone need Jesus to be a good person? Answer: they don't. Anyone who is a good person doesn't need an excuse to do good. But people who are bad love to use Jesus or any other God to commit such horrible atrocities that to witness them, you would lose all faith in humanity. If the followers of Jesus do such unspeakable things in his name, why would anyone think that following Jesus is better than not following Jesus? The only conclusion is that people are who they are, with or without their excuses. Religion is meaningless.
The fact that Jesus taught love and understanding is a moot point. If Jesus never existed, the world would be the same. People just wouldn't be Christian, they'd just call it something else and use that as support for their hatred.

Atheists are just as good and just as tolerant and just as loving as Christians. They are also just as bad. I understand that. But there's no need to come to a website like this, which is about amusement and joking and just generally having a good time, to accuse people being hateful and nasty. It is exactly that kind of intolerance that Jesus would have told you was unacceptable. So think, next time, before you post. Think about what you're really saying, which is, when you boil it down, that anything that makes fun of your precious Jesus is not okay and cannot be tolerated.


u no p0ntus...what that guy was saying has nothing to do with atheists or any of the like. he ist just saying that jesus isnt the same as the people that follow him. Just because people like bush follow jesus, and people kill themselves over jesus doesn't mean jesus wanted that.


LMAO! good stuff. passed it on to friends. sensitive christian types annoy the shit out of me. lighten the fuck up. jesus would've laughed


Hey bob, you might want to study your bible before you start spouting about what "crap" hay-soos rejects...

Jesus strongly approves of the law and the prophets. He hasn’t the slightest objection to the cruelties of the Old Testament.

"Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place." (Matthew 5:17 NAB)


I don't reject Jesus for the people that follow him -- I reject Jesus for the same reason that I don't accept Thor, Poseidon, Zeus, Ganesha, and Osiris as gods: it's rather silly. You see, I'm sure bob doesn't believe in those gods either, I simply take it one god further.


does jesus love hitler? would he forgive him and allow him into heaven? is it ok for you to tell your kids i'm going to hell? does that make you happy? most religious types know less about their specific religion then americans know about the flag code. you just want to feel superior and you'll pay for the privilege.


Ahaha. Good for a laugh. I love the one of Jesus holding spray cans.

Bleh, don't get all offended over humor, people. I was raised Christian, and I wasn't offended when people joked about religions. After all, whoever created us created our minds of humor and creativity as well, yes?
And now I am Wiccan, but I don't get offended at Halloween's version of a Witch, or jokes over our Goddess. I laugh at those jokes too! Its part of life to laugh and have fun. Stop living alert and defensive and start living full and free. ^_^


haha shabaz

i know right? wiccan w00t. its like with st. patricks day when we all laugh and joke about the irish and get drunk as shit... or with like february and black history month... or thanksgiving and the indians. seriously, christians, cheer up. you have plenty of things to make fun of.

use your words to feel better! don't bitch!


i once saw this scrawled on a bathroom wall: jesus saves sinners and redeems them for valuable cash prizes".



Mark 6:11 "In some places the people will not take you in. They will not listen to what you say. When you leave such a town, shake the dust off your feet. That will be a warning to them. I tell you the truth. On the day when people are judged, the people in that town will be punished harder than the people in the country of Sodom and Gomorrah." (Worldwide English New Testement)

Feel the love and tolerance!


don't make me sub on Aquinus...


There's another photo out there I'm surprised wasn't included. It was a pic of a wall saying "Glue sniffers for Jesus".


Jesus puts his money in the Chase Manhattan Bank, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves.

If, like we have been taught, we were created in His image, He too has a sense of humor.

After all, how funny is it that we work day after day so we can buy good food just to turn it into manure?


It's not the size of the boat that matters, it's the way it sinks.


Oh, and you forgot one for all the D&D players - "Jesus saves...and takes half damage."


love the freedom of expression, if we can't laugh at ourselves what life all about?


Jesus is just the latest in a long line of sungod worship.


Christians watch the first part of the film, learn the truth about your religion.


Thanks for the link, but the john part of that photo was impt, and i am sort of off put by you cutting it, and cutting it badly.


how about " nuke a gay whale for jesus" saw that graffiti in a bus shelter.

No one

in the year 1959 a savior was born to a virgin marry some place in the cradle of life (exact location posted later) he grew up being a kind and gentle man, doing healings, and leading people to the right path. see... its not hard to come up with shit. why is what i just said different then jesus/god religions. because it doesnt have 2000 years behind it. if i put forth the effort i could have that a hole new religion, people believing in this man that doesnt exist. in time awfull things could be done in his name. its not hard now days to create a religion and end up with genuine followers... so how would it be different then 2000 years ago? after all, we are suppose to be smarter now. and we are still SO very gullible.. then that means you could have told people back then that they could fly, and they would spend the rest of the day flapping their arms. back then when there was so little to go on, it was easy to buy into a beliefe that would explain the unexplainable.. wich is how religions came to be. then people got to cought upinto them and started doing awfull things in its name. sure, go ahead and post something out of the bible... all the bible is, is a guide to how one should live is life.. and even then whats said is vague and mis-interpreted... like where it says "and i shall be with you till the end of time" or something like that.. "time" is a misstranslation... when it should be "till the end of age" wich, there are ages the world goes through, the next one is aquarius, wich the new age will be apon us soon. the age we are in now started at the same time your "Jesus" was born. he marked the dawning of a new age, so he was thought as a savior. when in reality HE DIDNT EXIST. and if you spend the time you can find facts that he didnt exist. there are several philosopher's or what ever they were called that actually recorded information back then, they had set out to find this so called savior, and found absolutely NO trace of him. there are some that wrote down things about him, but later were prooven to be made up. thats all religion is, is a made up belief. but, alot of people have to believe in something. i mean, its an awsome deal.. you can kill hundreds of people, but as long as you pray and ask for forgiveness. you will get it and go into heaven. now you uptight christians might argue against that... because you dont like the idea of people such as hitler being able to get into heaven just by asking for forgiveness... but pay attention and look at it. there are a few religions that dont work that way, but christianity isnt one of them. i myself use to be christan. and when i was going to church they liked to tell me "pray to god and ask for forgiveness, and you shall get it" there were NEVER any restraints on what you can ask for forgiveness. from the way i was raised, you could completely throw god out of your life, and on you death bed look up, close your eyes and simply say "god, im sorry for not believing, please forgive me" and supposedly that will work for the honest ones... but WAIT... not believing in god was the ultimate sin when i was growing up, i could kill people and it still wouldnt be as bad.... meh.... either way, how about you dumb pricks actually try to look up FACTS about your religion in other places besides your book. and why am i forcing this onto you, because you try and force your mindless dribble about yet a nother god in the list of hundreds that have "existed" apon everyone else. and the smart people hate you for it.


It should be noted that all the people who posted a derogatory comment about Jesus subsequently suffered a horrific, painful death and are currently burning in hell for all eternity.

Heh, heh, just kidding!


Nice post, i stumbled here ;)

Keep going


I'm just observing, but why does everybody here hate the idea that Jesus was a real person. What are you afraid of? If you say he's not real than what do you have to lose, just go on with your day

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