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April 04, 2008


mommy g

some of these, i agree, are a bit on the stewpid side, but a couple seem more like the "author" speaks english (not very fluently) as a second language...anyway, apparently YOU feel INFINITELY superior, so i guess it's all good.


Cute signs, however #3 does not show someone who can't spell...

It shows someone who's British.



I'd be willing to bet that many of these signs would be from people who may not have English as their first language or had access to a fully rounded education.


Some of these are stupid. Some are written by people who don't speak English and are doing their best to get by in the U.S.

"I'd be willing to bet that many of these signs would be from people who may not have English as their first language or had access to a fully rounded education."

Right. Stupid.



British people spell it 'private'.

Go fuck yourself.



I like this blog very nice



a privit is a british hedge, he was making a joke.

take a chill pill.


That would be 'privet', stewpid.


The thing about all this is that there are people out there who can't read or write (or not very well) and it's extremely embarrassing for them to seek help as an illiterate adult.

Some of them probably made some bad decisions and never learned. Some probably never leared due to medical conditions or teachers who just didnt give a shit.

But that doesn't make it any less funny really, does it.


Yes, it's still funny. If we can't laugh at this, what can we laugh at?
Am I laughing at some poor immigrant (or illegal) 's plight? No. I'm laughing at a mistake they made.
The point is: It doesn't matter whether the person who wrote these was an immigrant, an illegal, a non-native English speaker, an uneducated redneck, a retarded person, or an intelligent person on a bad day; It's just funny. Get over it.


I laugh at the expense of others.

Alex | Livingwish

Haha, that was one of the funnier posts out there.

Grea Work,

Jangus T. Roloter

Some of these sound great - for example, the house keeper is definitely someone who I could manipulate into having non-pay intercourse with me whilst taking care of my house. The 'privit property' person seems like a ripe opportunity to engage in a land transaction contracct whereby I could unduly take advantage of him, accquiring a substantial portion of his property for a nominal fee. Etc.

Stupidity has its advantages when the stupid person is one the other side of the table. Keep that in mind. (Pun intended! haha!)

No Speak English

Sometimes, people who don't speak correctly end up producing something very much like poetry. The laundromat in my 'hood has a great sign about how "employees help best." I'll try to follow up with the whole thing.

But not here.

Good post. Bad english. And it's one thing to laugh, and another thing to have antipathy. Let's all remember a laugh is just a laugh. Both those who think this may be in bad taste, and those who think its okay to dislike someone because you can laugh at them, like immigrants.


#6 isn't a spelling mistake, it's just a bad pun. Dis list iz dum.

Smarter than you

Ha ha ha. People misspelling things. That is precious. I could look at pictures of misspelled things all day. Makes me feel smart.


#6 is an intentional pun.

We 'bye' used cars = sell them quickly (and/or: take them off your hands quickly). The word is set in larger type and on a slant to emphasize the wordplay.

Not the pinnacle of puns on the part of the car dealership, granted, but also obviously not a mistake attributable to illiteracy. Especially so since the sign has stood uncorrected that way for years according to the photographer.

That this was not obvious to any of the geniuses who posted above deriving joy at their intellectual superiority is worth the visit to this page alone.


I think #6 is actually a play on words: to "bye" your car is to say "bye" to it... It's actually quite clever.


wow stupid post.... most of these are honest mistakes or most likely a foreign person, so who cares. Like I give a shit if someone forgot to put the "E" on the end of "private" lol.

bored pedant

agree with daren that #6 is intentional, but their use of "gratuitous" "quotation" "marks" gets them the "retarded" award anyway.

wait, I meant retarded, not "retarded".


I sure wish I got a photo of a rear-window painting that I saw on someone's car on the freeway...

"The more hair I loose, the more head I get."

I guess if it's not tight, you may have a problem there.


Im sorry but the person who wrote this is the stupid one.


I don't get what is wrong with "Hot water may scold"?


LOL, #6 is from Monroe, La.
Of course it's a pun, but I see the damn thing everyday and it irritates me. :)

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