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April 04, 2008


as some already mentioned, it takes a stuck up American to equalize illiteracy (in english) with stupidity.

but the title of the article is actually quite good - "I is stewpid" was written by the author, and i fully agree with that.


The only stupid person i see here is you. Stupidity and not having the chance of a proper education is not the same thing. I think you had that chance but take poor adventage of it. You are an absolute narcisistic tipical racist US moron. We europeans may be cruel and cold with other non-western people, but at least we know we are.

pep (from Spain, sorry for my awful english)


Not being able to spell correctly is not being stupid. On the other hand believing so is.


not native americans
do not forget
you guys are invaded.


I believe 2 and 9 are jokes;
3 looks like it's edited;
Nothing is really wrong with 5;
6 is intentional;
wtf is wrong with 8?

Complete Geek

I drive "bye" (tee hee) #6 everyday. Pretty terrible pun but I've learned to accept that not everyone is as witty as I am.


Number one is not the example of stupidity, it just shows she didn't learn English properly before coming here from France. The English language is rather difficult to learn. How did you manage, after speaking it all your life, when you realized that clothes was not closed, loose was not lose, and bear was not bare?




I'm not sure why number 2 is funny.


#6 is from my hometown, Monroe, Louisiana! I would drive past that dealership almost every day, lol... it's not the only weird sign in the area.

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