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April 07, 2008


It was Digg & Not TheMishMash

The real problem is that digg has been hacked and probably not that themishmash has done anything wrong.
Digg has been having all sorts of problems lately. Today it crashed for three hours. People have been getting "Digg not submitted. Please reload the page and try again." Submissions are not going through, etc.
It sucks to see this site negatively affected, by something that it has very little control over.


I got the pop-up, but I didn't find it through Digg, so I don't know if its Digg exactly...


#1) 9/10 this happens when users have the same piece of malware. It just seems like it's 'only Diggers' since there are so many people redirecting from there. It stands to reason that they have similar browsing habits as they frequent similar websites etc.

#2) Adsense probably isn't the culprit since they generate the code themselves NOT the advertiser and I can't imagine Google would want that kind of bad press getting out since advertising is how they make their money. But anything is possible I guess.

#3) It's possible Digg was hacked as well and a malicious script was put in, but I'm still guessing it's #1

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